Former Titan Williams dies at age 35

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    Yep, you recall correctly. Miller had a bum leg the last half of that season and he was still better than Todd Williams, in the opinion of Fish & Munch.

    Miller always had a bad rep among Titans fans. It started when he was with the Rams and was given fits by Jevon Kearse. Miller false started a couple of times trying to block Kearse that game, and after he came to Titans, fans nicknamed him "False Start Fred" and "Drive Killer Miller".

    Anyway, the coaches trusted Miller, even with one leg, more than they trusted Todd to protect McNair. In their eyes, a good game for McNair was any game that he didn't get the crap beaten out of him.

    Todd was a beast as a drive blocker in the run game. He could knock guys five yards backwards. Pancake blocks. But he wasn't worth a crap in pass pro. About the only time he got to play was when McNair was out and Volek was in.
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    The Titans had three players named Williams at that time - Todd Williams, Tank Williams and Roydell Williams. Roydell's jersey was R. WILLIAMS and Tank was TANK WILLIAMS.

    I guess they couldn't have two players with T. WILLIAMS on their jerseys.

    Actually, Tank's real name was Clevan, so I guess they could have given him a C. WILLIAMS jersey and given Todd a T. WILLIAMS jersey. :brow:
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    If my name was Clevan I would go by something else too
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