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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JCBRAVE, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Everything hinges on us opening up the purse and showing FA some love... and cold hard cash. that's the only way to get them to come to this team right now.
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    Even huge money for some of these FAs isn't going to be enough... Imagine in the shoes of a player that's been on a perineal losing team for the first part of his career... How quick you think they are going to jump ship for another loser ass team?

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    Mario Williams left Houston for Buffalo, when is that guy gonna catch a break? Sure he's rich but he probably hates his life in the NFL.
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    Lol yea he did some crazy stuff and clearly his decision was based on money.
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    If we can at least address 2 positions in FA that will give us SO much more flexibility in the draft. I actually think that they planned to be more aggressive in FA last year and Bud handcuffed them. I wouldn't be surprised to see them sign 3 quality starters. Here are the players I'd love to see in two tone blue:

    DRC - A legit starting CB to go alongside McCourty. Verner can go back to his natural position of nickel. This really strengthens our secondary.

    Byrd - Our play at safety was awful last year. I'm afraid Buffalo will franchise him though, but if not he should be at the top of our list. If we can't land him I wouldn't mind Goldson from SF either. I actually think they were going to go after him last year until he was franchised because we franchised Griff right after SF tagged Goldson.

    Chris Ivory - I love CJ. I may be in the minority of people who don't think he's done and would be worth the salary cap hit at his upcoming salary for the year. But we all know he's not the best at getting the tough 1-2 yards to extend drives or get into the endzone. We also remember how well he ran when he had a big back to get the tough yards when we had LenDale. I LOVE Ivory. He runs with authority and is powerful. Which is exactly what we need. If we fix the o-line like we all know they're going to try to do, we might have one of the best running games in the league if we bring in Ivory (I also wouldn't mind bringing in Peyton Hillis for all the reasons mentioned above, would be happy with either but prefer Ivory).

    Levitre - The guy is only 26. I think he's the best OG on the market. I agree with the previous poster (sorry, forget who it was) who said they'd offer 6 years for $42 million. That seems about right for a player of his calibur. The best thing about signing him is, not only does it help repair possibly the worst O-line we've ever had, it also means we don't have to go so o-line heavy in the draft. Not that we still wouldn't take a player or two, but without an FA signing, we'd have to spend higher picks and more of them to be sure we're covered.
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