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    BUT THIS WAS GOING TO BE AMANO'S YEAR!!! Just too bad about that injury.

    Seriously though, I liked the Wright pick. Especially when looking at it in a vacuum. But you can't miss all of the top OL FA prospects AND completely neglect the position in the draft.

    The lack of attention given to the OL in the offseason was reason enough to bring out the ax and start swinging. Honestly, I'm wondering how much of that was due to Munch/Matthews saying "we got this". Either way, totally neglecting the worst unit on our team from 2011 (aside from signing an over-the-hill guard) is completely unacceptable.

    Again, yet another piece to the puzzle of failure.
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    If I were an opposing fan I'd love to travel to Nashville too. Always fun to see your team slaughter the opponent on their own turf. ;)
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    It's more than that though. I keep hearing from opposing fans (I sit in a fairly heavily opposing fan populated section even back as far as 99,00) about how much fun they have in Nashville at the bars and restaurants and around the city. About how much they like the people.

    I'm sure that is shocking information to Dunce Wayne but the fact is opposing fans love to travel here because the city is awesome and it's a great time regardless of the outcome of the game.
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    It's good for the local economy
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    I know what you meant. I was just joking. I hear the same things from opposing fans. Can't blame them. It's a great city with good people.

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    I'm just going to keep saying "cut baby Matthews" in every thread before he becomes the next Amano.

    Said it back when we took Amano, said it when we re-signed Amano, and been saying it every day up til when he got hurt, "cut that guy, he's trash."

    I fear these coaches will make Kevin Matthews the next Amano.
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    Regarding the Griffin situation, I can sort of see where the FO was going with it as folks have explained. But at some point you have to stop over paying players who are not leaders and who are not impact players. I would have rather over paid Finny who at least has heart.

    Then starting the season you have Verner, McCourty, Finny, Babs and a rookie FS which is much better than having Griffin and Mouton as part of your starting defense.

    It will be virtually impossible for the FO to ignore the interior OL this offseason. It is clear that neither Amano, Harris, or Hutchinson are long term solutions to the OL.

    Regarding the Wright pick, I can't blame the FO for wanting to surround Locker with talent. They knew that in Locker's first year as a starter we weren't making the playoffs given our schedule. So draft Wright and let him start learning since WR is hard to pickup. Then in 2013 draft OL and plug them in to start right away. Now your QB has playmakers and an OL.
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    That was a simile actually.
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    First, let me address a major gripe with the dialogue that occasionally occurs on this board. Intentional or not, it is maddening to have somebody else take my words out of context and sensationalize them into an idea that doesn't reflect my own and then charge me with the task to clarify my real position. I just don't have the time or interest to redirect the discussion. I don't find it satisfying.

    I know you are not that dimwitted from my past exchanges with you so I must disappointedly assume you are simply being provocative or "twisting". In the future, I will just dodge the vortex that is being spun to dismantle what I'm really saying. If you see the image below in the future in a dialogue, it indicates I believe you (or others) are "twisting" and direct you or anybody else to re-read my earlier post where I stated my position.


    I'll give you a pass this time. I've not been "touting" the decline of PSL's for any reason other than fact. There has been a historically high exchange rate of PSL's the past few years. The game sell-out rate has dropped as well. I anticipate it is going to drop dramatically this year because of the reasons I elucidated in prior posts as well. I don't "want" it to happen, I have money invested in those. I see a problem that is driving my investment down. I enjoy the Titans- I'd like to see them win it all. We were very close during the early years but we've had a series of disappointments and gaffes that have taken us out of fielding a competitive product. Loss of revenue is the apparently the only thing that spurs change in this franchise. So I don't mind if it does so that maybe Bud will wake up and recognize "his guys" aren't getting the job done to the paying fans satisfaction. And let's be honest, the paying fans expectations aren't THAT unreasonable. The team is not competitive by any stretch and there are few, if any, signs of being competitive for quite some time.

    Second, I don't mind disagreeing about KW. I don't see him as a franchise player due to his build. I hope I'm wrong. Many doubted Mason for the same reason. I just think he is going to be physically broken down soon if we keep using him as we are. I think he is being fed the ball so the current coaches/FO can demonstrate to the fans/critics why we used our first round pick on him. David DeCastro was on the board at the time. He was universally regarded as one of the best OL to come in the draft in some time. Many even said "once in a decade" sort of player. We missed the opportunity to build for the future and picked a WR to help the other first round QB pick by the same coach/FO. KW seems like a good character guy. I have nothing against him. I hope he does well. I'm glad he's on the team, I just think it was a bad pick at a time when we had the unique combination of need and best player available at the time. The course of the year suggests my opinion was correct and our FO's/coaches were wrong. Even before the rash of injuries, our OL was a mess. We have NOTHING for the future on the shelf.
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