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    There will always be a very pro and very anti side when it comes to QB discussions. Unless you have one of the few truly elite guys. That just comes with the territory of the QB position. Mariota is only 23 and is the face of our franchise, bringing us right back to relevancy. He's not perfect and definitely still has room for improvement but this guy is going to win us a lot of games over the next decade and I'm not sure how anyone can't be excited about him growing in front of our eyes. He made big plays today and if that scruffle earlier tells us anything, he has the respect from the locker room.
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    I love the kid but as you said, he has things to work on. As do most qbs his age
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    he is gonna be great, awfully good now, but still has stuff to work on. but at 23, he well ahead of the curve. the best thing is he wants to be great and has the physics and mental skills to make it happen. and the drive and determination needed to cimplement the task
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    While he certainly played a part in doubling the wins, you also have to include players like Conklin and Lewan on the line and Murray and Henry running the ball.
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    He played well in the 2nd half. His first few possessions were weak AF. He is our QB, he is not immune from getting his asss roasted when he's playing like ssshhhiiittt. He's getting better no doubt but he's still far from great. Once he puts it all together and it clicks, THEN the league better watch out.
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    ^ Yeah I was thinking in the first half that he might need to come out a hour earlier than what he normally does so he can be abit more warmed up and ready to play in the first half. After the late hit, he really showed out.
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    You also have to include a 26-9 TD-InT posted last year. You have to have a good oline and run game for a young QB to be successful.
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    I mean. I'm glad with the result and he eventually got it together...

    But not sure how anyone that watched that game didn't see a very erratic QB- especially in the first half.

    Still overthrowing too often and looks uncomfortable as if he's scared of injury. (understandable).
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    Yeah he was awful on that last drive for a go to FG that had us 9-7 to close the first half.

    Oh man what an "erratic QB"

    Shesh you want him to be perfect against one of the best defenses in the league on every down, wich he wasnt, but still had a pretty good day. Its so sad when you have to go back and look at the stats to determine his impact on the game but shrug it off on some important drives his had for the team yesterday. The same people that are compaining were also complaining about the Broncos and Chiefs game last year, wich by the way MM8 had an huge impact on both of those wins, even though his overall stats of those two games suggests otherwise.
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    Wilson was erratic as well and he is in the upper tier of QBs
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