Five questions with Akeem Ayers

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    Titans linebacker Akeem Ayers is a second-year pro from UCLA.

    [​IMG]Akeem Ayers (George Walker IV)

    What’s the biggest difference heading into Year 2? “I just feel more experienced and I have a lot more confidence because I feel like I learned a lot as a rookie. I feel like I am in a lot better shape that I was last year, too, getting a whole offseason in. I know what to expect as well. Last year I headed into the unknown, and now there shouldn’t be surprises.”

    How much improvement have you made as a pass rusher? “A whole lot. Working with (pass rush specialist) Keith Millard, watching film with him and working with him on the field, I feel good. And I get reps in practice rushing the passer, so that should help. It’s not going to be a situation where you have to do something in a game you haven’t done in practice.”

    What jumps out first when you watch the Patriots on tape? “They are explosive. They have those two big tight ends in (Rob) Gronkowski and (Aaron) Hernandez, and Wes Welker is a great slot receiver. They also picked up (wide receiver) Brandon Lloyd. And then there’s Tom Brady, of course. That’s a lot of talent right there, and they work well together. Brady gets that offense going.”

    What do you do in your free time, away from football? “I just like to relax, really, kick my feet up and play some video games. I play with my dogs. And I try and catch up with my family. When I get a break, I usually try and call everybody back home and see how they’re doing.”

    How long did it take a California guy to get used to life in the South? “After a good month I was pretty good. Well, no. I take that back. Now. I am finally adjusted now. It’s different – the weather, the people, everything. It is like a 360. It is completely different from the West Coast, especially Los Angeles. But I have adjusted. I am used to everything and I like being here. I love it actually.”

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