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    OAKLAND, Calif. Ryan Fitzpatrick made the biggest play against the Raiders with his right arm — his game-winning touchdown pass to Kendall Wright.

    But the Titans quarterback also made a critical first down with his legs, running for 10 yards on third-and-6 during a drive that ended with a Rob Bironas field goal.

    Fitzpatrick threw for 320 yards and ran for 26. He also avoided several would-be sacks.

    “Most of them are just running around frantically trying to find someone,” Fitzpatrick said of his runs.

    The ninth-year pro has 146 rushing yards on 26 carries this season.

    Said offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains: “He is a good runner and I don’t think he gets enough credit for his ability to move and extend plays.”

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  2. Zappa71

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    His pocket awareness was outstanding! And some of those moves he looked like Russel Wilson avoiding sacks. (No I'm not comparing him with Wilson.)

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    He's making something out of nothing but if he could just hit 3rd gear and really get going, a few of his runs could be huge gains. No one expects him to leave the pocket so if he had better wheels he'd really be something.
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