Fisher's press conference - total denial

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Tungtide

    Tungtide Just Another Freak

    Fisher must be in denial- either that or he can't admit to himself he or one of his coordinators are wrong. I know a passer rating of 1.3 won't get it done. Running back by committee isn't getting it done. Offensive line isn't getting it done. Defensive line isn't getting it done. Veteran players saying in post game interviews that they are not sure how it happened won't get it done.
    Coaches who can't see the forrest for the trees won't get it done.
  2. I don't know what some of you people expect, or what you think he should say. Would you be happier if he really did start picking out players who are screwing up? How is that going to help things? All it is going to do is create more tension in the lockerroom.

    Say what you want about his strategery (yes, I know...), but there is absolutely no one who can convince me that Fisher doesn't know how to handle his players on a personal level. He isn't perfect, as shown by the Pacman problems last year, but he's still in the elite in that respect.

    I understand that fans are upset about the start of the season, but lets not completely lose sight of reality here...
  3. Slackmaster

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    Reality is that Collins was a bone-headed move.

    I can appreciate Fisher sticking by the "team."

    But Collins isn't on the "team" in the minds of many.
    Collins has not earned any loyalty from any Titan.
  4. skitch

    skitch Shut Up and Play Ball!

    :toast: THANK YOU!
    Fans will not be happy with anything Fisher says right now. Any direction he goes in will be wrong and picked apart.
  5. moose4now

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    He'd say it what he always says.

    Next question.
  6. I thought that was Drew Rosenhaus...

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  7. The Don

    The Don Upsetting The Apple Cart

    Fisher is just waiting, holding his breath and crossing his fingers. Waiting on that one, that one single game, when Kerry throws for 400 yards and four touchdowns. When that happens, Fish can take his podium with his trademark crooked half smile, and firmly announce:

    "I told you so. No one else in this building had it, but I had confidence in my quarterback. I've known it since the first day he took the field".

    After his breakout game with the Titans, then Kerry will probably get the hook in favor of Matt Mauck, who had a great week of practice.

    Seems to me, in some bizarre bending of the universe, that Brian Billick and Jeff Fisher have somehow switched personalities. To confirm it all I need to hear is Fisher say something about switching to the dark side ....
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