Fisher to Have System in Place by End of OTA

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    SUMMARY: Titans Coach Jeff Fisher is pleased with the commitment and progress his team has made this offseason and says both the offensive and defensive systems will be in place by the end of this week's OTA. "When we’re done Friday we will have everything in -- everything as far as offensive and defensive systems are concerned -- so the rookies will be in position to take a deep breath. get away, and come back ready to compete," said Fisher. "We’re doing two things --pushing the conditioning and getting them ready so they can understand once camp comes around, but more importantly know what to do. It’s been a real good off-season. We’ve been pleased. I think I made a comment yesterday on last week, a non-OTA week, we had over 70 players here every single morning. That says a lot about their commitment to the program and how important it is to them to be successful."

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    We released two players, Danny Ware and Jarvis (Jackson).
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