Fisher Says Win a Giant Step for Young

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    SUMMARY: Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said Monday that the 24-21 comeback win over the Giants was a major step in the maturation of rookie QB Vince Young. "It was huge. Now we have to build on this. We can’t afford to take significant steps backwards, but every team is different and every team provides a challenge for you," said Fisher. "I think what happened in this ballgame is that the Giants have seen what we’ve done on the ground and the Giants committed to that. The Giants also had a nice plan for Vince (Young) with the unusual things that we do. We saw that in their approach with Atlanta. I don’t think they anticipated us spreading things out, dropping back, and throwing the ball down the field. Granted, they had some injuries, but they anticipated his ability to one, scramble the way he did and two, the ability to make the throws down the field. He’s exceptional with his arm and his decision making yesterday."

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  2. Young made great decisions yesterday, especially when knowing when to take off and when to sit in the pocket and wait for the reciever to get open...
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