Fisher Says Titans Have Put Loss Behind Them

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    SUMMARY: Titans Coach Jeff Fisher commented on the challenge his team faces going to San Diego on Sunday. "It’s going to be like every week during the course of the season, we’re not going to look past, but from that standpoint every team we play is a good football team," said Fisher. "It becomes a challenge. Really the challenge for us is to put behind us what happened and move on. You can say hypothetically what would’ve happened if we got the ball in the end zone and won in overtime. We would’ve felt good on Monday and Tuesday, but reality is on Wednesday you have to drop that and move on to the next opponent. So, that’s what we have done, we dropped it and we’re moving on."

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  2. lets hope that we move on to a win
  3. GoT

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    he forgot to mention that he fixed the correctable problems, cause the Titans do that every week
  4. Vigsted

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    Maybe this time he realised he can't fix it unless he makes personnel changes he's not willing to make.
  5. The Don

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    Fisher's a better person than me.

    There is a key loss in 2000 that still makes my stomach churn ...
  6. fltitan

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    SD played late Monday night so they are on a very short week. Oakland didn't really put up much of a fight if we get some of the problems from last week fixed and they are a little flat we may have a chance. We must get off to a quick start and put the game on Rivers shoulders.
  7. He's got to forget about last weeks problems to make room for this weeks problems.
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