Fisher Says Texans Game No Different for Young

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. #1TitansFan

    #1TitansFan Camp Fodder

    Not taking Vince Young wasn't Houston's mistake. Not taking Reggie Bush was.
  2. I won't blame Carr too much for that 2-14 season, the O-Line was awful protecting the pass, and still is...
  3. kimberly

    kimberly Camp Fodder

    i ain't no fool fish! I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ME VIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINCE, AND I KNOW THAT THIS GAME IS DIFFERENT! me lads, this whole team is gonna be so fired up, and play with intensity that you have not seen in years AND WIN, VINCE WILL HAVE HIS BEST GAME YET SUNDAY, AND WE WILL WIN, BANK ON IT! he has a chip on his shoulder, and you know what happens to his opponents when he has a chip on his shoulder!
  4. Vince10

    Vince10 Camp Fodder

    I hope Vince kicks their ***, perhaps slightly more than I generally hope he kicks ***. I wanted to like the Texans, and even before his UT days, Vince was a legend in Houston. He led Houstin f'n Madison to the state semis, and they only lost because they couldnt play any defense at all (without Vince, they couldnt play offense, either). Houston had a chance to bring a face to a faceless franchise. David Carr? Please. They had a chance to truly establish themselves in the Houston community, especially the inner city. All of this in addition to endearing themselves to Longhorn fans state-wide. They blew it, and lost a lot of fans in the bargain (such as myself).

    So screw the Texans. I hope Vince puts 50 on em. Go Titans!
  5. Hawk

    Hawk Camp Fodder

    I agree. Before, I was indifferent to the Texans. If they had taken Vince, I would have become a HUGE Texans fan. As it is, I despise the Texans and hope the Titans own them for the next decade and beyond.

    My teams are Cowboys and Titans. Cowboys because I was raised that way, Titans because they used to be the Oilers and now they have Vince.
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