Fisher Says Team Not Distracted by Recent Controversies

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    SUMMARY: Titans coach Jeff Fisher commented Thursday afternoon that his team wasn't distracted with the recent controversies surrounding the team and is focused on Sunday's game against the Dolphins. "To be quite honest with you, they weren’t thinking about the other stuff yesterday either," said Fisher. "We had a good day of practice. Travis (Henry) came back and was really running well. We got some other things done yesterday. They’re focused. Thursday’s a good day. It’s a challenging day because it’s a third down and third down is very important to us, but it was a good day."

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  2. hasnt it been a good day every practice?
  3. GoT

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    yep every single one of em'

    Titans never have a bad pratice that is closed to the public
  4. Slackmaster

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    We can't have good practices unless our D makes Collins look as bad in practice as every other defense in the league.
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