Fisher Reflects on Some of His Memories of McNair

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    SUMMARY: Titans Coach Jeff Fisher commented this afternoon on a few of his memories of Steve McNair. "Probably my most significant, now that I had a chance to think about it, was at Pittsburgh, after the bye (week) when Steve had the injury. Neil (O’Donnell) was knocked out of the ballgame with about a minute left and Steve was I think 4 for 4 (completions) and had one scramble. He ended the drive with a touchdown pass to Erron Kinney to win the game and he wasn’t expected to play. They’re just so many of those memories and there is so much about what Steve has done that you never would have got a feel for," said Fisher. "The things that he did to get on the field and the things that he did to play. So many games that he lined up as a starting quarterback where nobody else in the league would have lined up and played through the different type of injuries. So, he’s a very courageous example for the youngsters to look up to. His years here and the plays here have been nothing less than splendid. You hope that he continues that level of play so that he walks away on his own terms."

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    I think all of Fisher's best memories involve beating the Squeelers.
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    and steve being injured...
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