Fisher Praises Team on Final Practice

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Oct 19, 2006.

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    i think he said it so that they know their hard work isnt going unnoticed.
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    What more can we ask from a "rebuilding" team

    Sure, the Titans majorly underachieved for the first four games. But, the last two games have been outstanding from this young team. Everyone says that the Titans performance against the Colts was not good enough because they didn't win. Of course, if they had won, it would have been better. But, when halftime came, and the Colts had not scored a point, I decided whatever happened the rest of the game was fine with me. Then, when they actually won last week, I was as proud of them as I ever was any of the "great" Titans teams(including our Superbowl team). I can see that this team has a winning attitude and a strong desire to make something out of this season instead of just building momentum for next season. The individuals players are finally starting to form a cohesive unit. That is cause for praise of both the coaching staff and the players. If Coach Fisher says the guys deserve a short practice, I say give 'em their due. :yes:
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