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    INDIANAPOLIS Before the Titans added Gregg Williams to their staff as a senior defensive assistant, his good friend Jeff Fisher had to let him go from the Rams.

    Fisher explained the decision at the NFL Combine on Friday, and he said he thinks the Williams-Titans marriage will be a good one.

    “I have not spoken to him since he got reinstated, but I am happy that it worked out the way it did,” Fisher said. “I believe Gregg can help the Titans and help coach (Mike) Munchak and of course (defensive coordinator) Jerry Gray, and the other side is they can help him to reestablish himself back in the league.”

    The Rams hired Williams last January, before the NFL suspended him indefinitely for his role in the “Bountygate” scandal while defensive coordinator with the Saints. Fisher opted to let Williams go in January, however.

    Fisher said the presence of two other former Titans assistants, Dave McGinnis and Chuck Cecil, helped him make the decision. Both were defensive coordinators in the past.

    “I had made that decision well before the season ended, that we wanted to go in a different direction,” Fisher said. “It probably wouldn’t have been as easy had we not had the assistants that I did on the staff. We just felt like we wanted this to be the Rams defense so we are moving in a different direction from what Gregg’s philosophies are.”

    Williams was defensive coordinator with the Titans under Fisher. Gray worked as the secondary coach under Williams, and they also worked together in Buffalo and Washington.

    “They have worked together in the past and there were no issues,” Fisher said. “Now some years have gone by, but when they were on our staff we didn’t have any issues.”

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    This was always going to be a better situation for Williams than Saint Louis would have been. With a green HC like Munch Williams will basically have free run of the offense. He is basically co-head coach here. And if Munch is dumped Williams will be the first one they look at as replacement.
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