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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. kastofsna

    kastofsna Guest

    Not sure what you're talking about...
  2. watch this video and then try to say that he is not accurate
  3. Ragevsuall

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    That wasn't a very good highlight of Young's passing. He had a few really good throws, but it seemed more like a UT receiving corps highlight reel. See how many times they had to reach back, slow down, or reach up for the ball? Those Texas receivers are very good and are all excellent downfield blockers.

    The guy I kept seeing over and over in that video was David Thomas (#16). He's been their starting TE the last 3 years and is such a good receiver that Scaife was the blocking TE while at Texas. He's expected to go somewhere late in the 2nd day, and whoever drafts him is going to have a Witten on their hands. HE's good.
  4. Torch7

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    1/2 of those clips where from his Freshman year the other half was from his sophmore year.

    He made leaps and bounds in his passing game since then, so this wouldn't be a good indication of where he is now. After the Rosebowl vs. Michigan, he dedicated himself and his young recievers to getting better, because they wanted this National Championship.

    Your right the recieving corp was sick, back then... at 1:40 that catch was by your own... Sloan Thomas, any catch before the 2:30 mark #4 was Roy Williams.

    Then after 2:30 it was his sophmore year... #4 became Limas Sweeds number. Bo Scaiffe is #80 throughout the entire video.
  5. Vigsted

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    What scares me most is that every pass in that video is a lob with way too much air underneath it. I had stayed away from all these highlight clips, because as the name suggests they only should the good stuff from a given player, but when a highlight video shows a negative, it's bad.

    Now I do pride myself of giving credit where credit is due, and I was impressed with Young's ability to keep his vision downfield when scrambling in the pocket, and finding checkdowns when under heavy pressure.

    But I'm still afraid he's either have too many turnovers or get his receivers killed if he keeps floating them up like that.
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