Fisher Holding Out Hope McNair Remains QB in '06

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, May 11, 2006.

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  1. Laserjock

    Laserjock South Endzone Rocks! Staff

    Yeah...he did not play well...but don't put Volek's injury on HIS ability....he was blown up by a guy who came in completely unblocked. I am amazed he got up much less was able to get off the field. According to my better half, who was at that game, it looked even worse in person!

    I keep wondering what we the fans would be saying if 2 games into the season Steve was to hurt is back or ankle and be back to playing hobbled and immobile like he has in the last couple of years. He has not been stellar in those situations.

    I am torn on the McNair issue. I want to see him play and retire a Titan...but I have heard so much "this is just business" from the McNair camp that I have decided I have to look at it that way. McNair cannot expect the fans to weep for his departure when his justification for leaving is "its just business". If it is just business then see ya. I will wrap my emotions around the glory years and justify his release/trade with the mediocre performance of the last couple.
  2. Gene the PIG

    Gene the PIG I'm Winning The Future

    Volek is HORRENDOUS!

    If Mac is gone, I'm all for them signing Collins if need be. ANYTHING but Volek.

    Yeah, that Cardinals game last year ... woo baby, he's downright awful.
  3. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

    Ewk, I'm really beginning to doubt whether or not even you yourself believe the crap you post. I think you just get off on being contrarian.
  4. dontdraftcutler

    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    Amen brother....glad I'm not the only one who thinks that....:))
  5. fltitan

    fltitan Guest

    McNair certainly gives us a much better chance of winning than Volek or for that matter Collins or anyone else we can bring in. It also will make VY a better qb and he will be on the field much sooner if Steve is in Tennessee.He will be talking to VY after every time he comes off the field and if Steve is here and gets injured he will be a coach on the sidelines for VY. If we kind find anyway to keep him we should even if we have to suffer cap hell this year we will have plenty of cap room next year. If it comes to McNair or being able to sign Plummer Ill take the depth at qb over cb anytime. If we dont keep him and he has a Pro Bowl year in Baltimore this year I hope all the fans who said let him go for one reason or another dont start bashing the FO for not handling the situation very well.
  6. MttyTitan

    MttyTitan Guest

    We should try and keep Mcnair, but if we are not able, please dont bring another veteran qb, give Volek a shot and with the additional cap bring in additional help for the defense, we need a dominant D.
  7. skitch

    skitch Shut Up and Play Ball!

    I'm with Fisher, but..........
    If I came across an extra $50K, lets say.........I could buy my wife a new Mercedes and I still drive the Jeep. However, I can't buy 2 Mercedes with that budget.
    Stupid analogy I know....point is we don't have the $$$$$$ to have them both (unless McNair comes WAY down in what he wants).
  8. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    Mc MVP won the MVP 3 years ago. That is ancient history. Billy Volek won games for us a few years back when mac was too busy chilling on the sidelines. He only got one chance last year,and didn't do well, so everyone thinks he is horrendous. I don't know which games you all were watching last year, but in the ones I saw, Mcnair looked like crap. He held on to the ball forever, and when he finally let it go, it was way off target. I don't know why everybody has to start hating on Billy all of a sudden.
    Like we have a good chance of winning with McNair? Right. We had about 14 or 15 games to win with him last year, but he couldn't do it. He's past his prime, but everyone is too busy being stuck up his butt to know otherwise. Not only is he past his prime, he is also not dedicated. He didn't practice last year hardly at all. He hasn't been a "warrior" since '03. Now he's soft, and ready to take the bench when anything comes up.

    Alright, go ahead and rip this apart. go for it. There's my 2 cents.
  9. dontdraftcutler

    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    You and Ewker should pair up and ride off into the sunset.....:))
  10. adamwinn51

    adamwinn51 Starter

    Ok, people do we really have to go to one extreme or the other. I hate Mac and love Volek or I hate Volek and love Mac. Yes McNair is past his prime and struggled at times last year but if you look at his numbers he had a very respectable season. Volek has one bad outing last year but again only really had one outing. You can't really make a lot out of that. He has had some very good games in the past. The reality is that McNair though not what he use to be, maybe more soft, maybe less willing to run whatever, still gives us the best shot to win. Volek, however, is not HORRENDOUS and is certainly serviceable for a year at least. McNair is the better of the two and I don't think you can really make a reasonable case that he isn't. But Volek can fill the void adequately if Mac is gone and we don't bring someone like Collins.
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