Fisher Holding Out Hope McNair Remains QB in '06

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, May 11, 2006.

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    SUMMARY: Tennessee Titans Coach Jeff Fisher believes rookie QB Vince Young is the future of his team. However, he also knows he has a QB on the roster now who gives him the best chance to get the Titans back on track of winning. "My job is to win now," Fisher said on Tuesday, "and the guy who gives me the best chance to do that is Steve. So, yeah, I'd love to try to figure out a way to keep him here if there's any way it can be worked out." He isn't optimistic that a new deal will happen with talk of McNair being traded to the Ravens or released soon to free up $10 million against the cap in '06. But he holds out hope that owner Bud Adams may realize that, as with a certain other quarterback he drafted 11 years ago, the best way to facilitate Young's prospects for success is to have him sit and watch while a veteran leads the team.

    What do you think about this article? Post your comments below.
  2. He's basically saying what a lot of Titan fans are thinking
  3. Ewker

    Ewker Starter

    talk about a slap in the face to Volek. Fisher is way to loyal to the players. He wants them to stay until they drop over dead.
  4. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Do you honestly think Volek gives the Titans a better chance to win over McNair?
  5. Ewker

    Ewker Starter

  6. interesting.................
  7. Toly

    Toly Free your mind

    Honestly, I've been wondering about this myself. Why is it that McNair gives the Titans a better chance to win over Volek? The Titans only won 4 games last year. Sure, there were a lot of issues with the team including the new offense, but when Volek had his only one start of the season and looked bad, everyone was blaming him. McNair looked kind of rusty the whole season, making inaccurate throws, bad decisions, etc. and he doesn't run anymore. Volek seems to be injury prone, but so does McNair.

    So I'm wondering, what's McNair's edge over Volek right now?
  8. aloving77

    aloving77 Camp Fodder

    I saw Volek play against the Cardinals last season, and I'm not sure what anybody sees in him becasue he sucked. Not only did he lose the game, he got hurt and had to leave the game. I'd definitely feel better with Steve under center.
  9. bulluck4dMVP

    bulluck4dMVP Pro Bowler

    ok lets be serious here man

    because the difference between us with steve starting @ QB and billy starting for us is like night and day

    no way you compare the two...

    whether you want to here it or not, mac9 gives us the best chance to win the most ball games this year

    get off the haterade man
  10. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    That's quite simple. McNair was league MVP a few years ago. Was Volek? No. Will he ever be? No.

    That's not a knock on Volek. Most QB's in this league...starters or backups...will NEVER be league MVP.

    The offense had a lot of problems last year starting with the OL. Both McNair and Volek also learning a new offense and not having a running game or a heathly receiving corp hurts quite a bit.

    With Roos moving to LT and the addition of Mawae, you have to hope the OL is improved. Add in LenDale to the run game and it could help a LOT!

    With McNair and Volek in their second year under Chow and at least 2 decent WR's and Troupe, the passing attack could be a strength - especially if they can use it more off play-action instead of carrying the offense (because of a bad run attack).

    And in case you might have overlooked this...despite being a bit rusty, no run game to speak of, a pourous OL and a new offense, McNair still had a QB rating of 85 or better in 8 of his 14 starts. Some of those are against the best D's in the NFL. Volek's only start was against Arizona...not exactly a defensive powerhouse and his stats were not good.

    What leads you to believe McNair and Volek would give us an equal chance for success? Volek's only real success was beating up the worse d's in the league a few years back.

    To be successful in this league, you need to be able to play at a high level against the better/best defenses in the league. McNair has and can do this. Volek has not shown he can do it.

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