Fisher Feels It Important to Win Final Preseason Game

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    SUMMARY: Titans Coach Jeff Fisher stated Wednesday afternoon that he felt it important his team win their final preseason game in Green Bay. "We’re obviously going up there (Green Bay) first and foremost to win the ballgame, but we also have to do some things and look at some things," said Fisher. "We’re going to go up there and play. We’ll probably do a little bit more offensively than what we’ve done." Fisher went on to comment that different teams have taken different approaches to the preseason game. "It’s interesting that you look at teams around the league and you look at what their approach to preseason is," said Fisher. "It’s different from team to team. Some teams are going out and blitzing and they’ve got sophisticated game plans and are playing their starters and trying to win every game. Other teams are just out there getting ready, going through the process of evaluating players."

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Thread Status:
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