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    NASHVILLE, Tenn. - If the Titans can knock off the Vikings today, Jeff Fisher will get his 124th win and pull even with one of his mentors, George Seifert.
    "I've got great respect for George, George really had a lot to do with my career, giving me the opportunity to come there and learn the 49er way, which was the only way back then," Fisher said. "To have an opportunity to catch him, it's certainly taken me a lot longer than George. He had some great years."
    Seifert won 124 games (regular season and playoffs) in 11 seasons with San Francisco and Carolina. He inherited an excellent 49ers team from Bill Walsh and went 14-2 in three of his first four seasons, He had eight seasons with 10 wins or more, but finished with a thud as the Panthers were 1-15 in 2001.
    Fisher is in his 14th full season and has five years where his team won 10 or more games. A win today would put the franchise at 4-0 for the first time in its history.
    Fisher, currently tied with Sid Gilman for 26th all-time with 123 wins, should also pass Jim Mora (125), Dick Vermeil (126) and Mike Ditka (127) this season.
    Ditka was Fisher's coach when he was a defensive back and return man for Chicago.
    "I would imagine Mike would probably buy me dinner at his restaurant," Fisher said of the potential to pass him.
    LP Field looks great. The Titans two home games so far followed Saturday games for Tennessee State. But TSU was on the road this week.
    No huge surprises on the inactive lists. The Vikings are starting former Titan Bobby Wade at receiver ahead of Sidney Rice and Naufahu Tahi is the fullback with Thomas Tapeh inactive. Otis Grigsby starts at left end for Ray Edwards, who is also out.

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