Fisher and Titans are completely lost without Vince Young.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Kaeotik, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. CRUDS

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    THIS is the real problem..
    The owner is liplocked with a headcase QB over some BS Houston aristocratic politics. Vince will stay, and the coaching situation will be an internal promotion coin flip at best after Fish moves on.
    Bud continues to play Barbies with Mcnair & Co in Houston and the great city of Nashville gets the shaft.
  2. Riverman

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    I don't see it that way. I just think Bud was just hoping the problem would go away so he won't have to start over again on his last march to the Lombardi.

    i think he realizes now it is an "unfixable either/or" situation with Fisher and Vince. New coach and staff will take 3 or 4 years to get up to caliber. A fresh vet QB will take 1 or 2 years if the same system is kept.
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  4. SchindlersFist

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    puts things into perspective a little bit...glad someone brought up dinger
  5. Titanic_Sub

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    Jeff Fisher even seems like he's given up....This is just sad.
  6. Ewker

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    interesting read, thanks for posting it
  7. Titanite

    Titanite Pulling for VY...Sue me.

    If he did it twice, it must not be unpardonable...silly rhetoric.

    Fisher does not have the power to blackball anyone. C'mon now, that's laughable. Troublemakers get second, third, fourth chances all the time.

    For the most part, as long as you didn't kill someone and you have the physical specs to play the game, someone is going to give you a shot. That's the reality.

    Some of you guys need to grow up and see beyond Tennessee. Fisher's not the god the Tennessean makes him out to be and this organization wasn't one that would demand the attention of some Hall of Fame coach, even before Bud start "meddling." If there were these great beacons of coaching excellence out there to be hired, we wouldn't be getting the pick of the litter anyway...the presence of Vince Young would not ruin a non-existent chance to hire some well-sought-after coach.

    Furthermore, any coach with good sense would see what they could get out of Young personally before demanding that he be sent think before you post.

    As for the "Fisher would get hired in a second" meme...or course he would, geniuses! Fisher is a mark and is THE MARK for consistency...consistent .500 ball....There are teams that dream of playing .500 ball. Further, the fact that a guy who has been working in a field for 20 years in one place can find a job in another place is really...not that remarkable.

    C'mon guys, stop being ridiculous.

    Whatever the Titans do at QB and head coach, BOTH OF THESE guys have AT LEAST an immediate future in this league.

    So stop all of your idiotic, faction-fevered (GO TEAM FISHER/VINCE/NEITHER) posts.

    They're all pointless.
  8. erut07

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    Vick never completed anywhere close to 60% before he went to prison. You are just making stuff up now and using tired old stories about Vince that have no relevance to this season and the future.
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    Most coaches don't get to hand pick their QBs or pick QBs who perfectly fit what they are looking for. The good ones do what they can with what they have and the lucky ones get what they want. However, none of them will turn down a HC position that pays well and they certainly won't turn down the cash because of a QB...

    There are only 32 NFL head coaching positions and if you look around the league, the other open spots aren't exactly great situations either.
  10. 24

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    Maybe I should explain again. We will have no problem getting a new coach. We will have a problem getting an elite coach, one that most of you want (Gruden, Harbaugh, etc.), if Bud Adams requires VY to remain the starter.

    And, I would argue most new coaches do get to choose their QBs. McDaniels got rid of Cutler and got Orton, Haley got Cassel, Ryan got Sanchez, Sparano got Henne/Pennington, Payton got Brees, etc. Only in instances where teams already had established franchise QBs, like the Steelers with Tomlin, do QBs remain the same. And, I don't think anyone can say at this point that VY is a franchise QB. The general rule in football is new regime = new QB.
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