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Discussion in 'Nashville' started by xhrr, Dec 6, 2016.

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    First time in Nashville this weekend since my wife bought me tickets for the Broncos game. We're on Broadway Street at least thats what the address of the hotel we're staying at says. What are some suggestions on things to do and see? Also best bars and restaurants would be appreciated as well. Disclaimer me and wife are both vegetarian(still can't out lift JC) so if they have some vegetarian options that would be ideal but I'll go anywhere if they make a good drink. With whiskey preferably.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to Nashville...all around the Broadway area is hopping with stuff to do...check out Roberts Western Wear for a true traditional honky tonk...if the weather is nice Martin's BBQ has a cool beer garden...I'm the anti-vegetarian, but if you like Indian then go to the Chauhan Ale and Masala House on 12th ave...another real Nashville tradition is the Station Inn in the is live bluegrass no bourbon though. Another fun place is pinewood social. They have a few bowling lanes and a good bar. If you aren't tailgating with the GoTitans crew, I will be tailgating in the A lot on the row that lines up with the Jurrel Casey banner on the stadium... we usually are a few spots down from the big Cooper Steel Tailgate tents...we have an ambulance that is all UT Vols wrapped...I'm bringing my deep fryer and serving up homemade doughnut holes, best/hottest wings around, fried jalepeno poppers, and fried are welcome to join us.
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  3. xhrr

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    Wow man thank you so much. Appreciate the suggestions and invite I'll have to try and make it to the tailgate! I'll have the Mariota jersey on and white beanie along with half the stadium haha but hopefully that narrows it down a little but if you see me swing by.
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