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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by dtm586, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. dtm586

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    DTM's NFL Mock Draft 2011

    just my 2 cents as everyone's getting their mock drafts ready - draft 1 week away!

    (of course assuming no trades are made; which many are rumored to be made this year so many mock drafts will be entirely screwed up - but here goes nothing ...)

    1 Carolina Panthers Cam Newton QB - Auburn
    - carolina needs to make a splash and get a new face of the franchise (but id feel bad for them if they get the # 1 pick again next year ...)

    2 Denver Broncos Marcel Dareus DT - Alabama
    - all signs indicate dareus is a lock @ # 2 - denver needs beef on the d-line

    3 Buffalo Bills Blaine Gabbert QB - Missouri
    - buffalo neveeeer goes qb early, but why not - can sit behind fitz for a year

    4 Cincinnati Bengals A.J. Green WR - Georgia
    - ocho-stinko bye bye ... palmer or not the bungals need a NEW playmaker

    5 Arizona Cardinals Von Miller LB – Texas A & M
    - lotta ppl think gabby but hes off the board and miller is a top 5 pick

    6 Cleveland Browns Robert Quinn DE – North Carolina
    - lotta ppl think a.j. green but hes off the board and clev has a lot of holes to fill on d

    7 San Francisco 49ers Patrick Peterson CB - LSU
    - niners need a lock down corner and could convert him to safety later on down the road if taylor mays dont work out

    8 Tennessee Titans Jake Locker QB - Washington
    - im saying pass on fairly and his red flags and grab a signal caller early. i keep saying titans need a playmaker first and qb in 2nd round but im going with my gut here not neccesarily what i want them to do but what i think they will do

    9 Dallas Cowboys Tyron Smith OT - USC
    - could go prince here since newman has nothing left in the tank but romo wont have too many more chances so they gotta keep him upright

    10 Washington Redskins Julio Jones WR - Alabama
    - the skins will go WR since they have NO ONE on the roster to throw too ... that is of course unless St. Louis trades up to get Julio

    11 Houston Texas Nick Fairley DT - Auburn
    - fairley went from being mocked # 1 3 months ago to tennessee the past month and half to now outside the top 10! well at least in MY mock he is ...

    12 Minnesota Vikings Prince Amukamara CB - Nebraska
    - ahh poor detroit. they corner they so despertly need goes one pick too early ... arguebly the best cb in this draft (peterson @ 220 lbs may be a safety) AND (the guy ive wanted the titans to go after since day-1)

    13 Detroit Lions Aldon Smith DE - Missouri
    - aldon smith could be a nice consolation prize for the lions to pair with an aging Vanden Bosch and take some of the double teams away from Suh ... perhaps?

    14 St. Louis Rams Ryan Kerrigan DE - Purdue
    - rams need WR's (may trade up for Julio) although another rookie receiver would probably bring their average WR age to 20 ... rams also love drafting DE's though

    15 Miami Dolphins Mike Pouncey G - Florida
    - miami has NO 2nd round pick who knows if they will trade back and aquire more picks or not - if they stay put ill assume pouncey (the younger bro) is their guy

    16 Jacksonville Jaguars J.J. Watt DE - Wisconsin
    - jacksonville made a "stretch" pick last year to say the least - this year they go defense again with a not-so-much-of-a-stretch pick

    17 New England Patriots Anthony Castonzo OL – Boston College
    - new england has a bunch of early picks and probably will need line help to protect Brady for next 6 + years and then go their usual linebacker's with their later picks

    18 San Diego Chargers Cameron Heyward DE - Cal
    - heyward falls a little bit (im pretty high on him) kids got a motor and seems like a good character guy - san diego could use another pass rusher de/lb hybrid to fill the void of the merriman collapse

    19 New York Giants Gabe Carimi OL - Wisconsin
    - the NY football giants and the chi-town bears were my hardest teams to mock so i gave them the best o-line prospect currently available at their position (could also go linebacker)

    20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Adrian Clayborn DE - Iowa
    - all indications i keep hearing from mocks and websites is that tampa is in search of a stud pass rusher/d-linemen so ill assume they'll just take the best available

    21 Kansas City Chiefs Nate Solder OT – Colorado
    22 Indianpolis Colts Derek Sharrod OT – Mississippi State
    23 Philadelphia Eagles Jimmy Smith CB - Colorado
    24 New Orleans Saints Corey Liuget DT - Illionois
    25 Seattle Seahawks Muhammed Wilkerson DL - Temple
    26 Baltimore Ravens Marvin Austin DL – North Carolina
    27 Atlanta Falcons Kyle Rudolph TE – Notre Dame
    28 New England Patriots Akeem Ayers LB - UCLA
    20 Chicago Bears Benjamin Ijalana OL - Villanova
    30 New York Jets Phil Taylor NT - Baylor
    31 Pittsburgh Steelers Aaron Williams CB - Texas
    32 Green Bay Packers Brooks Reed DL - Arizona

    big names to fall out of the 1st round (and go early 2nd):
    DE Da'quan Bowers Clemson
    RB Mark Ingram Alabama
    QB's - Mallet, Dalton and Ponder

    but with so many teams needing a QB like I said there most likely will be a lot of trading going on early - which mean most if not everyone's mocks will be broke just like everyone's NCAA Brackets ...
  2. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto

    I like the mock...I'd hate to see Fairley go to the Texans. I would cry if Jacksonville got Watt. I am talking myself out of this "Jake Locker" nonsense though, I think Fairley will be the pick.
  3. dtm586

    dtm586 Starter

    yeah wouldnt like to see both division rivals going d-line either! ha but then again going off need, houston seemingly alwaysssss goes defense in 1st round and jacksonville has nothing at the pass rushing position, but yeah will wait n see
  4. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    fairley isnt who we guys need to realize that and quit going off what the supposed experts are saying....fairley may be great but anyone with work ethic concerns is not the guy for us...
  5. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO RESIST

    Why is everyone so convinced that Carolina will take Cam? I have got to believe that front office has more sense than that. I hope for Carolina's sake they are just bluffing to trade down or something. You cannot throw the first pick away on project boom or bust QB. He either puts Carolina on the map or destroys the franchise for the next 5-8 years.

    In my opinion Cam sinks like a rock Thursday. After all the talk and bluffing common sense will rise to the top. I wouldn't be surprised if Cam falls out of the top ten. I don't see him getting by Miami or Jax.

    Of course if Cam is there at eight the Titans would be tempted... I could live with it if I knew he wouldn't see the feild for his first two seasons.
  6. Titanic_Sub

    Titanic_Sub Starter

    I don't think there's a chance he falls out of the top 10. People look at him and realize that if pans out, he could be amazing. That being said I don't think Carolina will take him, they dropped a 2nd on that Hyenia looking fool a year ago, you can't give up on him that quickly, and I think they'd lean more towards Gabbert over Cam if they did go QB anyways. Buffalo will snag him at 3 imo.
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