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    SUMMARY: Everyone knows that you don’t start analyzing a draft ‘til 3 years later, but that wouldn’t be much fun right now. So let’s take a look at how the Titans did, what they got, how these players may impact the team this year and the future, and what to do about the McNair situation.The initial intrigue happened the night before the draft when the Texans agreed with Mario Williams. This would potentially put the Titans in an interesting situation. The Saints have ‘The Deuce’ at RB and just gave him a ton of money. If they don’t take Bush, would the Titans stick with the game plan of taking a QB or take Bush…arguably the best player in the draft?Titans fans didn’t have to worry about that as the Saints took Bush. I think everyone but Matt Leinart knew what was coming next…


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  2. And while 4.48 speed is not comparable to Vick’s 4.3 speed, Young appears twice as big as Vick and is nearly as elusive. Plus, Young PLAYS much faster on the field than his timed speed. For example, the best Safety in the draft was Michael Huff also from Texas. Young and Huff would jaw over who was faster. Well Huff turned in a blazing 4.36 40 leading up to the draft…so he’s faster, right? Wrong. Huff admitted that during some practices, Young took off running and Huff couldn’t catch him. He PLAYS fast.

    that just shows how fast he is, and everyone that thought he wasnt fast better think again
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    Nice article. I agree for the most part. I might be a little higher on Jesse than you. I think he can come in and get us 12-15 snaps a game from day 1. I have some concerns about Tulloch's speed, but he seems to be a gamer. I remember once some folks questioning one Jerry Rice's speed as well. I am not suggesting that Tulloch is ever going to be that type of player, but there are some guys that seem to always play better than their ability is. Let's home that is the case for Tulloch and he can start in MLB.
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    Dude, great article. A little high on the grades, but reasoning was sound. I like it, I like all the guys we got - as you said, not "name" guys, but good football players that maybe are a little small or a little slow. With the exception of maybe Nande, we took football players, not so-called "workout warriors". Good stuff.

    Plus, my favorite line of the piece:
    "...Finnegan, despite sounding like something you’d order at a bar, is a bundle of superb athleticism..." Great.
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    Thanks for the compliments:)

    I do think Mahelona will contribute a nice 10-15 snaps a game, but to me that's not significant time.

    Tulloch is not Jerry Rice, but he IS a PLAYER! However he will be moving to a new position and keep in mind, 3 of the 4 DL in front of him were 1st or second rnd picks so he had perhaps more freedom to roam than he will in the NFL. How he adjusts to all that is the question. But I like what he's done in college, his instincts, and his ATTITUDE!

    A Zach Thomas type MLB would be NICE between Bulluck and Thornton!

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    Excellent work Gut.
  7. Gunny

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  8. TitanJeff

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    I enjoyed it as well. Good read.
  9. Gut

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    Glad you all enjoyed it!

  10. The grading was a little too generous, but a good breakdown nonetheless
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