Fat Phil gets a raise!!????

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by KTOWN TITAN, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Funny. Most the UT fans I know wanted Phil fired immediately after the Bama obliteration. Guarantee I search on the vols forums and find the results to back that up, also.
  2. VolnTitan

    VolnTitan Starter

    I have alot of family that live in and went to Michigan. Of the ones that are Michigan fans, they aren't sure that Rich R. was the right choice for Michigan. So, I guess that means that most Michigan fans feel that way.
  3. TheSureThing

    TheSureThing Straight Cash Homie

    I'm one of them :hmm:
  4. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    The SEC went 7-2 last year in bowl games. That's including the national champions in LSU and including a remarkable 9 teams. Their are 5 coaches with a National Title(s) and Tubberville(13-0), Richt, etc. Every coach has had at least 1 season of 10+ wins. The only team not to have a coach with at least 10+ wins is Vanderbilt.

    Florida won the title 2 years ago and Georgia is expected to win this year even though I think Auburn could make some noise. Not only does Alabama have twelve National Championships, but think of all the other SEC teams that have a National Title under there belt.

    The SEC holds Heisman winners including Bo Jackson and many others.

    The SEC is home to many famous coaches such as: Bear Bryant, Pat Dye ,Steve Spurrier, Phillip Fulmer and many other great coaches.

    Not only is the SEC the best conference with the best players, Coaches, most attendance, highest ranked recruiting classes, and greatest history, and the teams other teams most fear, etc. etc. If everyone in the country could watch SEC teams play on a regular basis like we in the South can, people in other states would probably start pulling for SEC teams rather than their home state teams, just because of the Competition week in and week out. college football is King in the south for a reason and the SEC is the main reason.
    Every year, there's a huge argument over which conference is the best in the nation.

    Some think that it's the Big 12, most think it's the Big 10, and some are even foolish enough to think the Pac 10.

    However, every year, the conference that gets no respect always dominates the rest and always has the best team in the nation, even if they do get cheated out of a national title berth (Auburn in 2004).

    To prove that the SEC is the best conference, let's examine the past two seasons.

    Two years in a row, the press and ESPN said that Ohio State was the best team in the nation and would win the national title. Both years, the Buckeyes got hammered by an SEC opponent (Florida and LSU) by a combined score of 79-38.

    In addition, for the past two years an SEC team that could have played in the national title game (LSU and Georgia) went to the Sugar Bowl and pounded two teams that were supposedly good enough to contend for the national title (Notre Dame and Hawaii) by a combined score of 82-24.

    It's just hilarious to think that people believe that teams like Notre Dame and Hawaii can be that good when they play two of the easiest schedules in the nation. Notre Dame managed to win only three games this season on their bread and butter schedule.

    Let's compare teams like Ohio State's schedules with the SEC teams' schedules.

    Ohio State plays maybe three tough games all year (Michigan, Wisconsin, maybe Illinois) and goes undefeated or has one loss—and everyone thinks they're awesome.

    However, compare that to LSU's schedule this year. They had to play teams like Auburn, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky (they were good this year), and Arkansas. Comparing the SEC schedule to the Big 10, Pac 10, Big 12, or even the WAC isn't even close.

    People can say what they want. The SEC doesn't deserve the praise of Mark May (who loves Ohio State and Southern Cal) or any other ESPN analyst to prove they're the best. They just show it on the field.

    So go ahead, put Ohio State at number one again. Let 'em go undefeated so they can go to the national title game. Just let Georgia, Florida, LSU, or Auburn play them and see how badly they can get beaten three times in a row.

    Bring Southern Cal on too, they'll get demolished! The SEC is on a whole 'nother level, and no one can come close to touching them.



    Shared some Auburn.
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  5. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    No, MOST fans of Michigan are happy to have gotten rid of Lloyd Carr. Can't get any worse. And taking a guy that did wonders at a place like WV? It'll be hard for him to fail. First season will probably be rough, but after that it should get going.
    If you can find as many 'why rich?' type posts on the net as I can find 'fire phil' posts, i'll let you use 'most' in this situation.

    Who honestly thinks Fulmer is a good coach? Is there 1 tennessee fan that thinks that?
  6. VolnTitan

    VolnTitan Starter

    I think he is a good coach. Not saying he is the best, but you don't coach for 15 years and have the winning percentage in the toughest conf., produce the talent over that period and be bad coach.

    KTOWN TITAN Orca Fighter

    He is not a bad coach. I think he is beginning to overstay his welcome. The program was productive for the better part of a decade. Wins, championships ect. The last few years has not been as kind. The championships are gone. Phil has even lost his touch with recruiting which was always one of his stronger traits. He never "out coached" many on the field. Lets be honest. Throughout the 90s Tennessee out talented everyone on the field. When recruiting dropped off and the competition caught up it got bad. Best coach.... no. Bad coach..... not entirely. Decent Coach and amazing recruiter with a good supporting cast of assistant coaches..... absolutely.
  8. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    He is a bad coach. His "strategies" are terrible, and his conservative style usually bites them in the a** more than it helps. Having a winning % doesn't mean anything when you play 8 of your 12 games at home, and have more talent than most your opponents.

    He is (or was) a great recruiter. But since his coaching is so terrible now, he can't even bring in top talent. He's never made any noise without having an extremely talented team. He never will. That's what good coaches do, and he is not a good coach.

    Let's see how he does this year with as little talent as he's ever had. He'll be out of a job soon, and that'll be the biggest blessing a Vol fan could wish for.
  9. VolnTitan

    VolnTitan Starter

    Yeah. Anything he has accomplished is due to great talent. He couldn't do what Carroll, Tressell, Brown or those other great coaches do with the slacky, low level talent that they have to deal with.

    Oh, by the way, he already has a committment from a top QB in Cali and a top RB in GA.
  10. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Perhaps it's more he's an outdated coach. His strategies worked fine in the past, but he's not adapting to better strategies that have developed.

    Overall, we love him in Tennessee because he did deliver a championship. He's a good coach because of that. He's somewhat redeemed himself from the losing record season. But if we fall behind Georgia and Florida, he won't stay head coach forever. That's a big IF though, and supposively the new OC is putting in a new O' gameplan. MAYBE things open up this year. Ifs and Maybes, but Crompton has had time to get experience, the running game is solid, if anything the D-line is questinable, particularly depth wise.

    It's time for a championship in Tennessee though. UT should not settle for mediocrity.
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