FantasyAces files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

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    I got an email from them telling me the news and I hope that if any of you guys had much money in your account that you already cashed out.

    According to this article, it's unlikely that people with money in their accounts will get much, if anything, back:

    Tennessee residents can seek recourse through TN state regulators at 615-253-6658 or

    Following is the text of the email I received:
    FantasyAces Update
    The FantasyAces team truly regrets to announce that we are unable to sustain our site and business operations effective January 31st 2017, filing for protection under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law. After spending over a year attempting to secure long term capital, including recent negotiations with two notable companies which subsequently failed to close, we are left with an unresolvable financial burden and have spent every waking minute attempting to find a solution for our players most importantly. We have unfortunately exhausted every possible financial option with no success. We fought as hard as we could, in the end without a major infusion or acquisition we just were not able to make it. Our site is temporarily shuttered and all accounts are on hold during this time while we work with the bankruptcy court in finding the fastest possible solution for our players.

    Fantasy Aces LP has retained bankruptcy counsel who may be contacted at:
    Red Hill Law Group
    38 Corporate Park
    Irvine CA 92606
    Copyright © 2017 Fantasy Aces, LLC, All rights reserved.
    Weekly Updates from

    Our mailing address is:
    Fantasy Aces, LLC
    120 Vantis, Suite# 300
    Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656​

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    I had $4 locked in, didnt care to even try retrieving it
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