Fantasy QB sleepers 2014

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    I was reading this article on and I am a little irritated that Jake Locker didn't get a mention. I think Locker at least deserves to be in the conversation. With Whisenhunt at the helm and the actual possibility of a run game now that CJ1K is gone I think Locker has a shot to be a solid #2 borderline #1 in fantasy football.

    I do have to admit it is at least a fantasy of mine that the Titans have a QB with solid fantasy value. Even McNair was not a good Fantasy QB. I think I will take a flyer on Locker as my number two in the later rounds.

    Who is your QB sleeper this year?
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    Well McNair was not a good fantasy QB because of the style of offense Fisher insisted on. Which will be different under Whisenhunt.

    EJ Manuel could be a good sleeper. Second year in the league so he should be more comfortable. They drafted Sammy Watkins to add to an improving Roberts Woods at WR. Plus has good receiving RBs.
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    It's not worth naming a QB sleeper because they're all going to have huge question marks and may end up on IR or sucking.

    But after the 10th round there are plenty of guys worth taking a chance on... Bradford and Eli are the two that come to mind.

    I always target my starter in rounds 5-7... then get a steal for a backup in the 10th round or later.
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    Yea, Locker would be a sleeper all right lol.

    I think this is going to be a strange year for QBs
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    Hes done nothing but sleep so far... lol