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Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by NewHorizans, Aug 18, 2014.

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    WOW! Its almost time to start drafting 2014 Fantasy Football teams! In the coming weeks millions with be drafting teams on all different websites. Some live in person, some live online, and some even autopicked. There are many options with which site to use. The most popular are ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and

    When trying to prepare for your draft, alot of reading and mocks drafts usually take place. After looking at each sites rankings, its clear the 'experts' on each of those sites vary greatly on the value of specific players. The big dogs players all find themselves pretty much the same. AP, McCoy, Charles, and Forte all find themselves at the top 5 ranks on all sites. But once you drop out of the top 20 or so players. The rest of the field look VERY different. And its not just the deeper players. But guys being placed very different spots, which in turn would create a very different drafted team if you were to go based on rankings alone.

    Its crazy just how different the ESPN and Yahoo rankings are. For example, Ben Tate is ranked 32 on ESPN and is only 79 on Yahoo. While Bishop Sankey is ranked 72 on ESPN yet stands at 43 on Yahoo. Both those players could be great or bust depending on playing time and staying healthy. So how can both be SOOOO far apart. I could literally post 30 more examples like this. Players 20 to 40 ranks different between each site.

    For years I have found Yahoo ALWAYS over projects Rookie RBs. While ESPN puts logic behind where they place rookies. Since we arent sure how much playing time Sankey will have with Greene and McCluster also in the mix. Why would Yahoo put him SOOO high into the 3rd round in 12 man leagues?

    Think about leagues where there are people playing with little Fantasy Football experience. Depending on the website the league happens to be on, you get a completely different auto picked team. Even if you draft it live, based on rankings you end up picking a guy way too early or way later than they should have been drafted. From my experience, I find that experienced Fantasy Football players tend to clean up on Yahoo when playing in a league with limited experience players. Because the rankings are SOOO bad. The better players can be had in later rounds

    I wish all the sites would just get together in the off season and decide on a universal ranking for that season. What do you guys think? Which site do you believe does a better job at ranking the players??

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    ESPN fantasy football is pure garbage, Yahoo all day.
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    Don't care because the rankings don't mean much to me. I think, overall, a lot of rankings are pretty accurate, but guys like Montee Ball, Toby Gerhart, Sankey, etc are ranked way too high.

    Sankey won't be going in the 3rd... not even in our league.

    I took him in the 3rd round... in our dynasty league.
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  6. Fry

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    Yeah, they fixed it. Last night they had Wright making an over-the-shoulder catch.
  7. nickmsmith

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    Remember when Lamont Jordan was supposed to be a top 5 player?

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