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    So I've been watching games of the free agents we have been signing. I enjoy PFF like everyone else but I also like to see a man work on the field and get a personal idea of what we picked up.

    So here's my breakdown of some of our signings so far.

    Levitre VS the Texans/Patriots-

    as I'm sure most of us here know, he plays LG. he pops off like a pretty athletic guard as well. He pulled on a few plays and looks fluid. Had one offsides penalty. In his pass blocking he made multiple blocks and changed direction pretty quickly. Used alot in the screen game and looks good in space.

    He wasn't getting blown off the line in Pass protection but he's not a road grader in the run game. Although still solid in run blocking. Seems much more like a finesse player. Holds his point very well. Very well suited to help guard the blind side. A road grader in the RG spot would be nice to pair him with. He is not a liability like we are use to. I liked his patriots film more than the texans mainly because I thought he was on just a little more. I never saw him get washed. Consistent.

    Greene VS SF/Colts-

    STRONG runner and has a mentality that we don't have on our teams. He smashes it up the middle and 98% of the time gets positive yardage. He is not shifty, he is not going to cut... He however will plow thru with no ****s given. He falls forward most the time and is a very forward contact player. Probably under used in situations he could have helped in.

    Sanchez helped no one on that team. Greene was literally the standout. Greene was not used often as a check down option but stayed in for pass protection mostly. Scored hard yards and short yardage TDs. Doesn't go down on initial contact often. Not a long yardage RB, but tough yards is his speciality. He is going to be a NICE change up for CJ

    Delanie Walker VS Giants/Patriots-

    Extremely hard to follow because he lines up literally everywhere. Fb/offset Fb, either side for TE and also split wide as a WR. Wasn't the starting TE but got legit snaps in the game as a Swiss Army knife. Was lead blocker often and looked to run good routes when he went out. Was not used in the offense as a huge receiving threat. He does not immediately replace Cook. Although I think he can be a legit receiving TE when getting more looks. He did some exceptional blocking. It'll be interesting to see how we use him and scheme plays around what he can do. Can we be creative enough?
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