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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Hunt has always been a good run stuffing defensive end and has very recently improved as a pass rusher. He is very raw still but his overall athleticism is higher than Ansah.
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    Why did he go from a 1st rounder to a guy that is around 100 overall? Why do SMU fans think he sucked?
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    Firstly, in the 11 years I have been on this site, I can't imagine ever high-fiving a RollTide post before, but oh-well, there is a first for everything. ;)

    Secondly, I have a clear bias with Jesse Williams coming form my home-town, but the more I see of him, the more I think he is a live chance for a top-10 selection, and also for the Titans.

    Star will no doubt be gone by the time we are picking, so if you are looking at DTs, you are considering Richardson, Hankins, Williams and Jenkins. After watching tape of all these guys I was amazed to see that Williams probably had the best football instincts out of any of them. Richardson (who I originally thought would be ideal for us) seems to not have the peripheral awareness to diagnose plays as they are happening and had multiple plays where RBs ran right by him without him changing course. Williams has such a great base, and an ability to diagnose and attack the ball carrier that could be special in time. The thought of pairing him with Casey in the middle of our line is very appealing.

    Also, the comparison to Vince Wilfork is fair. If we get Vince Wilfork production out of him, then sign me up for that.
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