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    If we go defensive end in the first round my order would be Moore, Werner, Hunt. Top 10 is to high to draft potential but I would go hunt if the other two are gone.
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    Yes. In my opinion the DE's in this draft go:
    1. Werner
    2. Jordan
    3. Hunt
    4. Moore
    5. Ansah
    6. Okafor
    7. Carradine
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    Nfl draft scout ranks Hunt as the 7th best DE in the draft. He will obviously move up after the senior bowl and combine. He is a world class discuss thrower so he is a freak. At 6'7 280 and white the obvious comparisons to JJ Watt will be there and he might have those types of numbers the the combine and if he does he will be worth a top 10 pick.

    Do we need a speed rush type of guy? With Ayers coming on as an outside rusher and Brown as a speed blitz guy i'm thinking more of a guy who can be on the field at the same time as Morgan and Wimbley, a guy who can play inside some and that makes me like Anash and Hunt more.
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    Re Jesse Williams...

    There is no way a guy with his size and credentials lasts until the 2nd rd. DTs come off the board faster than almost any other group.

    He is 320 lbs. He moves well he is not just a 3-4 NT type guy. He will run a 5.1 or better 40. He uses his hands well and will probably lift about 35 times at the combine. He will be one of the strongest guys at the combine.

    He is proven player in the biggest games against the best teams. All any GM needs to do is watch the Michigan game and that alone is all you need to know to draft him in rd one he was never blocked in that game.
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    I just watched the Jesse Williams defensive snaps vs Tennessee he was a non-factor in this game. He had 4-5 really nice plays a majority of them on short downs because he couldn't be moved. When he gets double team he is done he needs to work on being able to break through those. When he lines up as a nose guard he collaspe the pocket really well. A few times he got separation into the backfield but missed to tackles on the running back.

    I think this does a good job of desribing Jesse Williams

    STRENGTHS: Has a naturally wide frame with relatively short limbs, giving him the low center of gravity conducive to holding up at the point of attack.

    Possesses unbelievable weight-room strength (600 pound bench press) that translates well onto the football field due to his use of leverage and surprisingly good technique considering the fact that he's a relative neophyte who only took up the game at age 15 and has played just four seasons of football in the United States.

    Has improved his use of hands over his two seasons at Alabama and has developed into a cognitive defender capable of reading the action, shedding the block with heavy, active hands and making the tackle in the hole.

    Has the length to play outside as a five-technique defensive end, a role in which he initially played during his junior season with the Tide before sliding inside to the nose as a senior. Good phone-booth quickness and plays hard, competing to the whistle.

    Also served as Alabama's short-yardage fullback in 2012, a testament to his power and aggression. An ascending talent with passion and work ethic to improve.

    WEAKNESSES: Bit of a one-trick pony as Williams does not possess the quickness or the agility to collapse the pocket as a pass rusher. Must do a better job of protecting his knees as he is susceptible to cut blocks. Too often raises his pad level at the snap, negating some of his power and making him all the more vulnerable to cuts, as he possesses only moderate flexibility.

    Has to do a better job of getting his hands up in passing lanes as he rarely gets home as a pass rusher (just three passes broken up in 25 career starts at Alabama).

    Plays with good effort but lacks lateral agility and struggles to knock down ballcarriers with any room to maneuver.

    COMPARES TO: Vince Wilfork, New England Patriots -- Like the Patriots' run-stuffing nose guard, Williams isn't going to pressure the quarterback often but his size and strength will make him a force in the middle.
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    The big problem with Hunt is that outside of the bowl, he hasn't played that well. He is a physical freak, but he really just isn't that good at football.

    Ansah moves fluidly and makes instinctive plays.
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    So 18 career kick blocked 7 his freshman year which is a record isn't impressive. So even if he takes a few years to develop he could impact on special teams right away.
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    Appears to be a solid class of DL prospects which is what we need.

    I really like how effective Ayers and Brown have been with blitzing. I wouldn't mind seeing us in more 3-4. Looking at our roster I truely think we have the personnel.

    OLBers Wimbley, Ayers, Morgan
    NT 1st rnd draft pick, Martin
    DEs Casey, Marks, Klug
    MLBer Brown, McCarthy,
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    We. Are. Not. Changing. To. The. 3-4.
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    Morgan would not be a good 3-4 OLB.
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