Examining the AFC South in the new power rankings

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

    The Titans were one vote from a unanimous No. 1 in last week's power rankings. This week they won over the lone dissenter, but lost three panelists who dropped them to second, behind the Giants.

    To each his own.

    But if an undefeated team is first for you and it wins impressively against the team it's been chasing for five years, I don't see how it drops -- even if the Giants beat the highly rated Steelers. Even if the Giants beat the 1979 Steelers.

    Here's a breakdown of the division in the balloting.

    AFC South Power Rankings
    Last Week
    This WeekPanel HighPanel Low1Tennessee111218Indianapolis151713
    2028 My rationale on the teams where I was the highest or lowest vote (looking a bit Mavericky) only touches on one team this week:

    Dallas is eighth, I had them 15th -- perhaps the Cowboys deserve more credit for the win over Tampa Bay. I still think they are unraveling, and I wouldn't fear them at all before Tony Romo is back under center.

    As always, here's a link to an excellent breakdown of the voting by NFC West maven Mike Sando.

  2. Fry

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    "If the Panthers take care of business while the Tennessee Titans and New York Giants -- No. 1 and No. 2 again this week -- struggle against tougher opponents in November, Carolina might lead these rankings by the middle of next month."

    we were up by 17 in the fourth quarter!
Thread Status:
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