Examining Gregg Williams’ last stop

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Jan 27, 2013.

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    For those who remember

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    Gray has plenty of experience in coaching. Maybe the idea is to get Gray/Williams working together but, if Gray has any pride, I doubt he's happy about it no matter how much he likes Gregg. It may be a condition for him to remain the DC.

    And this is Tennessee. Buffalo has more tradition and success than Tennessee as a franchise.

    That was a while back. He also was the DC on a horrible defense his last season. I've read some interesting comments on his career on various blogs today (including the OP). Much of it points to some mediocre defenses (assuming he'd be hired to help in that area). His 2011 Saints defense was horrible.

    And many haven't. I don't see looking at past history of Shula as having any baring on whether or not to bring in Williams as an Assistant Coach. He's not being asked to be the Head Coach anyway.

    I'm not saying one way or the other until I hear what he'd be hired to do. I suspect he'd be a behind-the-scenes guy with his efforts focused on breaking down film, player evaluation, etc. It sounds a lot like an Assistant Defensive Coordinator but, with his resume, can't accept a position with that kind of title.
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    Cropped a bit of your post to save some space.

    It makes sense that this is a condition for Gray to remain as DC. They could have sat him down and told him they would bring in a strong defensive assistant to "help" him.

    I too cannot see him accepting a position like this. However, he is tarnished goods. There are probably plenty of teams that would not even answer the phone if he called. Which could be good for us. Williams could be motivated to show he still has value in this league and that he is worth the risk.
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