Examining Gregg Williams’ last stop

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Put Andrew Luck and Matt Shaub on that poster now
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  2. TitanJeff

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    What is Williams's role going to be? He's not going to be the DC. Though I understand they are friends, I can't imagine any circumstance where Gray wants someone coming in and looking over his shoulder the entire season.

    If we want to gaze into what Williams might bring the Titans in the role of assistant head coach, then I'd think his HC experience with the Bills would be a better indications and his BEST season was 8-8.

    I'm personally not interested in his baggage (regardless of how dumb I thought the entire Bountygate thing was). He, like just about any successful coach, is very average unless he had solid talent to execute his game plan. Munch must think he can add something so will be interested in what that is.
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    I think he wants to add some experience to the defensive coaching staff. Which is not a bad idea. Also he has experience running a hybrid 4-3/3-4 which could suit us well.

    As to his record as head caoch. I do hear that. Some things to consider though. First, it was Buffalo. Second, he was probably too green to be a head coach when he took the job in the first place. Since then he has spent time coaching under Joe Gibbs and went on to win a Super Bowl in his next job. Third, plenty of coaches have won Super Bowls after be fired from a head coaching position: Tom Coughlin, Bill Belichick, Don Shula, Mike Shanahan, Dick Vermiel are names I can think of.

    At this point I see the Greg Williams hire as a "Glass half full" situation.
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  4. Titans2004

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    I think Williams would bring more of a hard edge and an attitude. Bring more fire and brimstone than Munch has shown.

    Both Gray and Williams would be working toward the same goal which is having a top notch defense. If the Titans defense gets turned around then it will go along way toward advancing both of their careers.

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    Certain things can't be measured in stats. What Williams will bring is an identity.

    Too often in 2012 we looked a step behind, as if we weren't sure how to play football.

    No way Williams will stand for any of that.

    I'm excited to see how his aggressive style will work for this group. I tend to think it'll do wonders.

    The few times we did blitz in 2012 we forced QB's to make a lot of bad throws. But for whatever reason Jerry Gray backed off blitzing established QB's in fear of them burning us.

    Tom Brady was the only guy I recall hurting us when we blitzed him, but we also smashed his face up quite nicely.

    Gotta blitz more.
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  6. TitansWillWin2

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    To me I think what he did was smart. The best way to win a game is to take out the other teams best player. I see nothing wrong with it at all. Its football, its a physical game, and these athletes are getting paid millions of dollars to compensate their risk of injury.
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    I look forward to seeing how Williams uses Ayers. Ayers is a guy who could become a star for us.

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    He was just stupid for speaking about it publicly.

    Anyone who's played organized football naturally wants to take out the other teams best players.

    No one likes getting beat.

    But talking about it to Goodell, dumb.

    Roger Goodell knows nothing about football, so like a housewife when he hears "bounty", he assumes the worst.
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    He was also thrown under the bus by Peyton and the Saints who tried to pin it all on him in a vain attempt to escape culpability. They tried to make him their "John D. Lee" and get off scott free. Thankfully Goodell was a least bright enough to see through that crap.

    Goodell might not know football but at least he is smart enough to ask questions.
  10. Thaddeus43

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    I agree. I would much rather watch us get burned a few times while playing aggressive than watch the D conceding 10 yards at a time and let teams convert 90% of thier 3rd downs on their way to a TDs every drive.

    At least when you play aggressive you will make some big plays every once in a while.