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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Playmaker, Oct 8, 2012.

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    I hardly ever start reactionary threads during the season, especially after a loss, but with all the threads going on I feel like I would just be repeating myself over and over so I'll just put my post in one spot. We have become the joke of the NFL, from top to bottom of this organization reeks of failure. I really did think that this year we would make the playoffs. Maybe Locker breaks out, CJ gets it going, the OL improves, Britt stays healthy, and our young defense builds from last year. Well was I wrong.

    Locker has a bad shoulder due to the stupidity of body slamming the defender and even more stupidity of the replacement refs calling that an INT. CJ is nothing like his old self and is now a good #2 "change of pace" "speed back" kind of guy. Our offensive line is horrible and the addition of Hutchinson did not help. Kenny Britt has done nothing this season and wondering why the coaching staff even let him play yesterday, anyone? Our questionable 1st round draft pick (even though I agree with the pick) could have been used better somewhere else, like literally outside of QB an argument could be made for any other main position. Wimbley has 1 sack and a handful of tackles this season despite his pure awesome ninja skills we drooled over this summer. The rest of the DL has done nothing being bottom in sacks and letting RB's run all over us. Let's not forget the bust in Morgan and oh a rookie DT is leading us in sacks...again (2). As far as the LB position goes McCarthy has been out a couple games so it's hard to judge his play but Ayers is taking one step forward and two steps back it seems like. I still like him as a player but he can be used in more ways than what Gray is doing (Oh I'll get to him) and Brown is looking pretty good. While I've hit a bright spot on this team let's go back to back with the play of Verner. I like him as a future CB for us and has stood out in a few games actually stepping up and making plays. Why did McCourty get that contract again? That goes double for Michael "Insert one of a thousand jokes" Griffin. Babs hasn't stood out much and none of those other young CB's that we were convinced gave us so much depth have done anything to warrant playing time either.

    This coaching staff is a freaking mess. I wasn't going to start this thread until I saw the Munchak press conference just a few minutes ago. If you haven't seen his comments please go to twitter or google or something and read what he's saying. He's not making any changes to play or line up, still stubborn to using his way, says this team has more talent than last year LOL, and no one is in danger of their job. I was behind the Munchak hire at first and thinking maybe he can pull away from the Fisher similarities but oh no he hasn't and if he wants to save his job he better find new coordinators soon because Gray has been horrible scheming this year and it's hard for me to knock Palmer without Locker but the run game has been non existent since he showed up. I would love to bring someone in outside of this organization who has a past of winning or at least a young guy we can get excited about.

    Now look this team does have some promise and potential to do good things down the road but we should be better than 1-4 or at least be competitive in more than one game this season. The main problem outside the coaching staff and just bad luck with health of Locker and McCarthy is that we have no leadership. Now I know it made sense economically to let go of our main guys when they got older or less productive or to not over pay for a guy because he hit free agency but who do the young guys turn to? How teams continue to be great and contenders is they have a mix of that veteran leadership to go with young talent and then the process continues. It's like we develop them, draft others, let the good players go, and throw these young guys into tough positions. We let our franchise guy in McNair go even though he had a couple more seasons left in him and went straight to Young? Really?

    We made a horrible QB transition, Mason to Bennett? Kearse to KVB to nothing. Haynesworth to nothing. Keith Bulluck to David Thornton? Rolle to Finnegan? Maybe my point is being missed or I'm giving bad examples but you can't expect young guys to immediately step in and win games for us. We have no distinguished Titan on this team, no one the players or even fans can turn to when we need a big play or big stop. We're stuck in this horrible phase until we know if Locker is the real deal and if anyone on defense steps up and can be a franchise guy (hoping McCarthy at least). What we need to do now is spend this cap we have on an OL and defense, have another good draft around what I just mentioned, and hope Locker can stay healthy next season. If there was ever a time to win a division this is the time. Texans are the only good team, Colts are building around Luck, and the Jags are the Jags. If we're going to make a move into contention it has to be in this window. Someone wake Bud Adams up...

    Other random rant stuff:

    -We drafted a DE to play TE. Oh.
    -Give an extension to Nate now.
    -Griffin has to go.
    -Can our fans make it a home field advantage again? I know we suck but can at least show some passion or be loud?
    -Fresh start, we need new logos and uniforms. The flaming thumbtack is getting old and makes me think of losing.
    -I want a new owner.
    -I need a drink.

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  2. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    ****in' A, man.

    ****in' A.
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  3. Gunny

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    What does that mean? I hear it a lot but don't know the meaning.
  4. ncaalover12

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    Post of the week, month, year, decade, century, etc. I agree with you on everything. Like I said in another thread, I think I'm going to spare myself the misery and just try and do something else on NFL Sundays from now on. It's sad, being a diehard Titans fan and watching this organization being driven straight into the ground. What I'd give to go back to the days of McNair, Mason, Kearse, and Eddie.....
  5. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Basically means one of two things (or both): that I'm in complete agreement with everything he said or that it's ****in' awesome.

    In this case, I'd say it's both.

    Office Space was the first time I've ever heard the expression used... you just kind of pick up on the meaning from watching that movie. You have seen Office Space, right?!
  6. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO RESIST

    Bud Adams needs to die.

    The team needs to be sold to someone who cares about winning.
    Thank god Haslam bought the Browns, we dodged a bullet there.

    Somebody or a group of people with Tennessee roots needs to buy this franchise and get serious about the fans and winning.

    The stadium upgrades are great. An 80 year old woman must still be running the fan relations department because the gameday experience is laughable.

    Munch gets one more year, maybe...
    Gray should be gone.
    Palmer should be gone.
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