ESPN FF Algo says Sharpe > OBJ in Week 1

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by MarcAurelius, Sep 6, 2016.


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    thats becoming a bigger thing around the country if you cared
  2. jplusip

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    Is... is this for real? Like, you're not just stating something a caricature of a Satanist would do and applying it to some muslims?
  3. 5tweezyPOT

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    Why should I care bout zoos I haven't been too. Sucka
  4. GoT

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    cause in theory each zoo is specializing in something then sharing the knowledge with the other zoos to help the animals in their care
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  5. 5tweezyPOT

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    Well then my zoo I attend will inform me of anything important
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  6. titanthakur

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    I was 100% behind religions all being equal and every person having the right to freedom of religion until I heard that.

    I swear on Tajae that the story is true. The guy who explained the story to me was very excited about it too. Went into the gory details of the blood.

  7. 8and8

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    You've never heard of halal meat? Muslims are only supposed to eat halal meat meaning it was slaughtered using halal methods, slitting the throat and draining the blood.
  8. jplusip

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    My general (apparently ignorant) view was that they went to a shop that did all that and just bought the food like a normal person would... not that they raised an animal from a child and then bathed in its blood before consuming it.
  9. MarcAurelius

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    Yes sadly its true. Linked a gruesome youtube link of what a halal slaughterhouse looks like. Its totally NSFW, and very gruesome stuff, so you've been warned!

    Civilized people developed significantly more humane ways to treat livestock raised for slaughter and its really simple. A captive bolt pistol electrically stuns an animals moments before the the metal rod is fired into the animals skull. Goal is instant loss of consciousness, painless death, and as close to instantaneous 'death blow' from the bolt gun as possible.

    Halal is another story. Plenty of idiots will claim "its painless" or "the animals die instantly just the same," but they're all dead wrong. When you hang a cow upside down then slit its throat to drain the blood the same exact thing happens to the cow as does the victims in ISIS throat slitting videos.... they choke and gag while their lungs fill with blood and they bleed out gurgling on their own blood until they expire (in what I can only assume is an agonizingly painful way to die).

    As an avid hunter and human being I'm still somewhat shocked that Halal meat preparation avoids scrutiny, then I remember criticizing Islamists, Muslim culture, or the religions' barbaric historic roots is wrong and 100% racist 100% of the time.
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