Eric Silva's (rotoworld) pre-camp team rankings

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Alex1939, Jul 14, 2014.

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    Yea I use to follow this dude.... I had to hit the unfollow button some time back over his just unabashed Titan hate. He won't really argue his points and he makes a grip of slander tweets about the titans to rev up his twitter feed. If he's not being provocative/different/trolling he doesn't get any play.

    He has a high opinion of himself and carries himself like a jagrag. Dude ain't worth paying attention to.
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    Same here. I do a little bit of fantasy sports writing so I can't be too much of a homer on twitter anymore but his Titans bashing was getting ridiculous so instead of going after him again I just had to hit the unfollow.

    What XO said was right, sports media is a big circle jerk of opinions and thoughts. I'm even guilty of it sometimes when I'm lazy writing an article (trust me I feel bad). 1-2 big guys release an article and then you'll notice a wave of the same topic come out within the next week either agreeing or strongly disagreeing so they can try and get their name out their more. It's especially true for social media, it's at the point if you have a different opinion than the majority you're basically an outcast or already considered wrong...over an opinion not a fact.
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    Everyone is going to pick on the Titans this year because we now have 0 star players and we're literally the least talked about team on social media (if I still had the link I would post it). We're the easy target that we've probably ever been.

    What's even funnier (or worse) is if we finish the season with a winning record then it's going to be a shock or surprise team, despite them not doing enough research anyway.

    Strap yourselves in guys it's only going to get worse when everyone starts posting their season predictions and pre season review articles.
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    I mean the team COULD flop this year. But we've got just as much possibility to be a surprise 10 win team.
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    if anyone has the tarpkitties above Tennessee they are retarded
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    I hope all experts have us as the 32nd best team in the NFL before the season.

    Then we're at least guaranteed to fulfill their expectations.
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    Had a nice little discussion on twitter today about this subject. Honestly, after looking at the schedule it's going to be hard getting 7 wins out of it but that's not an excuse to just bash us for no reason and say we're the bottom team.
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    We've done nothing over the last few years to earn the benefit of the doubt from the media and other fans. Since we've earned nothing I have no problem with not being given anything.Them ranking us as one of the very worst teams in the league is totally understandable so I'm not gonna whine like a little girl about it. I'll just sit back and laugh as we make them all look stupid on Sundays (if Jake stays healthy) this season.
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    It's really not understandable why anyone would think we're the worst team in the league.

    22nd-25th? Sure I get it.
    32nd? Kill yourself.
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