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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Ensconatus, Jan 7, 2014.

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    I really want to check out Jimmy Garapirpairpiarpiapoloollollolool. There's some buzz about him, can't find the greatest highlights/game tapes online. Hopefully the shrine game will be enough to figure this guy out. He literally could boost like Flacco did into Mid-1st, or be a 4th rounder... depending on what he does in these upcoming months. Potential 2nd round pick for us.
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    He is very accurate from what little I have seen. Doesnt do much from under center, but what little he did from there, I saw no issue with his drops. Gotta check my ESPN3 app on xbox to see him in a full game or two. I do question the competition he played. I am no Esconatus, but my faves so far in this draft......Bortles, Murray, Fales, Garraplo. I believe the top end of this QB draft is highly overrated. JMO. Wouldnt be devastated to give McCarron a look. Mettenburger is a statue. Dont like him, Brett Smith or Jeff Matthews out of Cornell. Matthews, big arm, sloppy feet IMO from what little I see of him.He is probably the yearly rise up the board due to arm talent. Again, I am positive I havent put the time into this that Esconatus has. Some guys I am going off 1st or 2nd impressions.
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    The competition isn't very good, at all. He's played my college the last few years. We're in the MVC, which is better than the OVC (EIUs conference). Normally, the MVC is the "SEC of the FCS" and the OVC is like the Big Ten. I was actually a walk-on (just for 1 year) at my college, though I played like 10 snaps my entire career. I've seen multiple teams that he's played, that talent level isn't that impressive. Regardless, Tony Romo and Joe Flacco made the jump - so he could too.
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    Jimmy Garoppolo - 6'3 - 222 lbs

    - Small school guy with a great attitude. He will make scouts fall in love with him, but needs to really takes things to the next level and answer some questions.

    ARM - "questionable strength- is he an arm thrower?"

    + uses pump early and often
    + nice touch
    + nice fade
    + FAST release

    - often puts too much air on the ball
    - ball seems to take a tad longer to get there
    - doesn't look very powerful
    - possibly low release

    FEET - "QUICK feet that remind me of P.Manning."

    + fluid drops
    + fast sets and stays on his toes
    + looks precise
    + Best attribute

    - hard to get a read during pressure. Didn't see much of a pocket breaking down

    EYES - "one read guy with upside"

    + will work safety on screen plays
    + uses pump often so makes me believe he's trying to work safety with eyes also
    + finds target fast and gets the ball out

    - primarily first read guy
    - scheme tendencies are very apparent but overcame defenses regardless. Won't happen at next level.

    POCKET - "very hard read because he didn't see much pressure"

    + did step up in pocket on occasion
    + would elude some of the pressure that he saw with his quick feet/set/release.

    - unsure he's seen the type of pressure he will at the next level
    - huge question mark how he will respond to regularly collapsing pockets. He normally had ages to throw.

    TENDENCIES - "Loves the fade in the red zone and mostly a Return and dig guy"

    + decent fade ball in the red zone
    + loved to go deep when he saw favorable match ups
    + wasn't afraid to throw it up to his WRs.
    + nice dip move to hide the ball during play action

    - fade almost got excessive with iffy accuracy at times
    - offense looked very simple after the 2-3rd cutup.

    ACCURACY - "accurate, however with questionable speed on the ball"

    + regularly hit his WRs on the returns and digs with good timing
    + didn't show very many off the radar throws
    + some beautiful deep and fade balls

    - speed on ball
    - crossing targets often dropped the pass. Possibly placement issue.



    + I liked watching the guy, very nice feet that instantly pop off the screen. Constantly active and moving. He has some good accuracy on certain routes however leaves some question as to what his limitations are. Good athlete that could scramble and run as well. Good tendencies in his lower body mechanics and his play action fakes. Had some beautiful deep balls and primarily made good decisions. Very fast release.


    - the speed on his ball makes me really worry about him at the next level. It didn't pop off his hand like you would like. As a dig/return guy, those routes at the next level live off a fast ball that beats the coverage. His offense seemed rather simplistic and would need to really open himself up to his limitations. 6'3 might be a stretch of the truth. The release while fast seems like it was somewhat low on occasion. Very big questions on how he will deal with pro defensive pressure.

    I would be extremely surprised this guy goes anywhere before the 4th round. Of course this is prior to the shrine game and combine. Things can change if he can get some more pop on the ball.


    Shrine game: arm has looked good/better when comparing to the other QBs in the game. This instantly improves his grade for me. Answering the sole question I had in the guy.

    Sent a couple lasers and showed a couple nice touch balls. Dropped a ball over the top of the LBs for a nice first down right before the half. Lead the offense by far the most impressively of all the QBs at this point. He had a back shoulder throw that was dropped in the RZ that looked very nice as well. These things are upgrades over the games I had already watched. I'll be interested to see him take another step at the senior bowl.

    He continually got the ball out extremely fast and this could definitely transition to a nice west coast style offense with timing and horizontal routes.

    The commentators starting talking second round possibility and this could definitely be a reality now. I'm going to edit and update this again after the senior bowl.
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    I like Jimmy
  6. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    I do too. Great feet. Dumb fast release.

    But the ball just doesn't pop... It's like manning post surgery... Eh.
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