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    This is the pot calling the kettle black...me giving advice on how to be more concise since I'm by far the wordiest poster on here...but here are my suggestions....

    So this you put in his 'Footwork/Legs' section as Sometimes sloppy footwork moving to his right. In the 'Arm' section you write...Doesn't have the arm to throw off his backfoot. Needs better mechanics moving to his right.

    -Has to really muscle up to make the deep outs.
    -Has good accuracy and touch when putting air on the deep ball
    -Can make the deep out with a lot of effort.
    -Can't GUN it down the field.

    Tends to stare down his fav target in clutch situations.

    Sometimes has trouble finding a throwing lane in the pocket due to his height.

    Personally, I don't care if you write a book about these guys because I'm an information junkie...especially when it comes to the draft. I'll gladly read it. But others have (and still do) criticize me for not being more concise. Just trying to help you get more people to read and understand the info you're spending a lot of time compiling!:)
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    Yea I completely understand it. I think some of the reason was I tried to make it forum-able... Lol I'm pretty sure 1/5 of the people that opened this actually read it.

    But you make a point. No sense in cutting any corners on explaining situational negatives. Even though I saw them and noted them in my head I lapsed on explaining them.

    Appreciate the critique man!
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    Just trying to help:)
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    Switched up the style a bit on this one for the forum. Gave average grades for each area. Cut down on how wordy the report is.

    Derek Carr - 6'3 - 210

    A prospect with high upside because of his lively arm but bothersome mechanics and pocket awareness caps his ceiling much lower than the questionable "Top 10" potential.

    ARM - Plus grade

    Very strong arm
    Nice high release and follows throughout the throw.
    Shows a great touch on the ball
    Works different arm levels to work around pressure.

    FEET - Negative grade

    Shotgun oriented
    Awkward hop before his hitch during 3/5/7 step drop
    Very slow movement during initial rock forward
    Looks stiff/rigid in lower half of body
    Can throw on the run decently.

    EYES - Neutral Grade

    Tends to stick with first read.
    Shows a slow progression
    Likes to use area reads and consistently use the check down
    Effective but troublesome moving forward.

    POCKET - Negative grade

    Doesn't seem to like bodies around him.
    Doesn't like to move off his spot or reposition for a better throw mechanically.
    Will tend to throw off back foot during pressured moments regardless of the chance to evade the rush.
    Biggest issue is pocket awareness/presence.

    TENDENCIES - Neutral Grade

    Likes to use the flats and one step quick release throws.
    Will use the pump fake when working deep.
    Vertical reads with short stuff and checks underneath are his most frequent targets. Will call audibles on the line.

    ACCURACY/PLACEMENT - Neutral-Negative Grade.

    Short to intermediate guy.
    Deep shots are primarily 50/50 balls.
    Relies on WR to make plays.
    Can work small windows with powerful arm.
    Deep ball is inconsistent considering 50/50 style.
    Great fade ball.


    Positives - He's got the arm to shine at the next level and could live off the style of Flacco/Cutler given the right WR corps. Using the check down and quick ball can be a very useful tool at the next level, this can really pressure the CBs deep when the game is going in his favor.

    Negatives - Lower body mechanics are very rigid and slow. Pocket presence leaves much to be desired because he doesn't seem comfortable. If he is going to be consistently affected in the pocket at the next level he will quickly fade out of the league. 50/50 balls are fun but inconsistent and can create very polarizing results from game to game.

    NOT 1st round quality IMO.
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    That runs in the family.;)
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    Not feeling Murray at all. Small, lack of arm strength, coming off the acl injury. Think he's destined to be a good backup... and at best a starter that'll give you Matt Cassell numbers.
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    He's limited, yes. He's got a good chance to continue to break the mold though, mainly because of his smarts. The injury doesn't worry me considering the surgery in his age is run of the mill.

    I wouldn't spend a first on him. But I wouldn't spend a first on any qb outside bridgwater this year so...

    I'd bet on him surprising. Doesn't mean he's Brady, manning or even Russell Wilson.
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    Don't worry about being wordy, many (including myself) enjoy posts that guys put a lot of work into.
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    Yea I'm not. Just want to get the main points noted and posted and then if anyone wants to ask questions I'll get more detailed.

    So far that's been minimal. Doesn't matter however being I'm using this as a personal tool for later.

    Boyd and Mettenberger are this weeks targets for those interested in those cats.
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    Interested in your full analysis on Fales personally. Checked out a couple of his full games. (Stanford and Navy) He has peaked my interest with the accuracy and he always throws a very nice (clean) ball. Especially good vs Navy. I think his arm strength is underrated. Interested in your overall take when you get to him. Seen a lot of scouting reports w /him going round 4/5. Small hands, arm strength, and height being the big issues. Continue the work. Whether I agree with your view of a guy or not, its cool to see you put that kind of effort into this. Very good stuff.