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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Alzarius, Nov 20, 2016.

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  1. Alzarius

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    I mentioned this in shoutbox and here's my review.

    10/10 amazing

    You strip down into your shorts and they put on some kind of very tight shorts and shirt. They wet the ground underneath. Afterwords, the actual suit has pads on them that are soaked in water. The fit directly onto your muscles. Special straps are attached to your calves and biceps/triceps.

    It didn't have a shock feel at all. If you have ever touched an electric fence, it was kind of like that. No pain. No "shock"

    The intensity is adjusted to fit the person. I took it easy on everything except my arms because I didn't want to be sore throughout the entire trip.

    I was told to hold tennis balls. Those were my "weights." While curling them, he increased the intensity. My muscles were burning just as if I were lifting weights. The best part is it was completely isolated. Many times when people try to lift too much, they have bad form and stretch or hurt the wrong areas. This machine made sure that didn't happen.

    There are a lot of knockoffs but they are not as safe and as effective as these machines.

    Without a doubt, I wish we had a place around here to use one of these suits.

    Afterwords, I have that same dull overworked arms feeling. It feels exactly like it would as if I were using freeweights. I feel it deep in my muscles. No question...... My arms will be hurting tomorrow. I spent maybe 5 minutes, tops, on my arms.

    At the end, they have a cool down period where they send pulses that make your arm/body jump.

    If any of you lift, I'd tell you that you NEED to try this when it expands. As of now, there are only two legit machines in the US but there are a lot of knockoffs

    I was so impressed that I would buy a franchise from them if I had the money and open up a place in Nashville.

    If there are anymore questions, feel free to ask.
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  2. Big TT


    so...maybe jcb can squat 1000 with this. LOL
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