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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JCBRAVE, Feb 2, 2021.

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  1. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    Our D is our weak link, imagine how things would be if...

    2011 Watt over Locker
    2012 Chandler Jones over K Wright
    2013 S Richardson over Warmack
    T Mathieu over J Hunter
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  2. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    At the beginning of day 2 of the 2016 draft, I remember the announcers questioning why Chris Jones was still on the board. We proceeded to take Dodd and four picks later the Chiefs grabbed Jones. Could you even imagine?
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  3. 2ToneBlueBlood

    2ToneBlueBlood Pro Bowler

    I think about that 2nd round with 3 picks all the time, and JRob blew 2 of them. Imagine adding Chris Jones, Michael Thomas, Jaylon Smith, Myles Jack, Xavien Howard, or Yannick Ngakoue.
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  4. Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow Just a Fan....

    Yup, we totally F'ed up the round. They only thing that panned out was Derrick, and even he was almost prematurely traded...

    Austin Johnson, Kevin Dodd.......... Honestly, JROB probably should let Vrabel pick rounds 1 and 2... and then he work 3-5.... and someone else finish 6-7.... Cause JROB sucks at the beginning, he has decent pulls and maneuvers in the middle, and then chucks the ending rounds in the portapotty..

    His success in round 1 is almost entirely based on if he trades or not.... if he sticks and picks, he blows it...
  5. TitanWally

    TitanWally Starter

    And can you imagine if we had picked some or all of those players mentioned in the 3-4 posts above this one. We think we have cap trouble now and tough decisions to make on jayon brown, CD, Jonnu and more.

    JRob would then be criticised for not keeping player x.

    When you draft well, this is what happens!
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  6. Soxcat

    Soxcat Pro Bowler

    Basically with the strength of the draft and such a need I'd consider using our 1st three picks on two edge guys and an inside with some pass rush ability. A guy I like in the 3rd if he drops is Sample. 280 pounds and can play SDE in a 4 man front and slide inside. Jaelan Phillips would be great value in the 2nd and might fall that far because of his concussion issues. Ossai seems to make good sense in the 1st. Thus ideally you get those three guys, with some luck, you just upgraded the entire front.

    As for Clowney, hell no. Get pass rush help in the draft and use the money on keeping Davis or sign another WR. We also need to re-sign Smith and Brown if we can and see if we can get all four LBs on the field in some scenarios. Get young, athletic guys on defense (attacking) and pay for the skill positions so we can continue to have a top offense.
  7. Carp

    Carp Starter

    Adoree, Conklin, Davis, Simmons, Brown, Evans, Landry, Henry... all picked in the first 2 rounds. 8 of his 12 picks in the 1st 2 rounds have turned into high quality players (and it's too early to tell for Fulton). I'd say that is far from "sucking." In fact, I would venture to say that is much higher than average. For reference, the Chiefs have 8 picks over this same time span, and have produced only 4 high quality starters. The Seahawks are even less with only 4 high quality starters among their 10 picks over this same time frame.

    The only consistent winning teams I found with a higher hit rate than J-Rob over this same time period is Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Baltimore, who have seem to hit on almost every single player in the top 2 rounds since 2016. I think it's best to use consistent winning teams since it's much easier to find talent in the 1st two rounds when you're picking in the top half of the draft.
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  8. Chronos

    Chronos Pro Bowler

    I can imagine and I get a stomach ache.
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  9. Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow Just a Fan....

    Adoree is not high quality, Evans is serviceable but gets exposed more than tourists on Mardi Gras (Jayon and Long r more complete MLBS to be honest -- both who were 5th and 6th round), Landry was a 1st rounder who fell due to injury concerns, Simmons was a Top 5 pick before his injury, and Derrick Henry was the only thing good out the 2nd round that year... and even then he was 3rd of those 2nd rounders

    So at least 2 were placed in his lap due to an injury overhaul..

    AJ Brown might be the only one that has no vital argument.

    And Kevin Dodd makes his record on standalone stink like doogie doo doo in the 2nd round..
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  10. Carp

    Carp Starter

    Adoree was a top 20 corner in the NFL for the 2 seasons prior to 2020. So yeah, I'd call him a high quality starter despite his injury filled 2020.

    Evans is more than serviceable. He's one of the best LBs in the league vs the run and he has the most tackles on the team over the last 2 seasons. He isn't a good coverage LB, though.

    Give me a break on the injury thing. He picked players that a bunch of other teams passed over and they turned into good players. End of story.
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