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    HOUSTON - If there is any give-up in this game, it's going to come from the visitors, not the hosts. After one possession for each team, the Jaguars were officially at risk.

    The Texans waltzed to a Sage Rosenfels-to-Andre Johnson touchdown pass to get things started. The Jaguars answered with a brutal three-and-out that featured false start penalties against left tackle Khalif Barnes and fullback Greg Jones.

    Now the Texans are starting possession No. 2 near midfield. The vibe is not good for the Jaguars, but we know Rosenfels is capable of the sort of poor decisions that can get Jacksonville right back in it.

    And boom - I wrote that and a pass intended for Kevin Walter wound up in the arms of cornerback Rashean Mathis. The Jags are at the Texans 44-yard line, getting ready to try to answer.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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