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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. PorcupineTree

    PorcupineTree Starter

    No question that Collins picked up steam as the game progressed into the 4th qtr, but seriously, Kenny Britt was huge and the big 80 td throw was 95% Britt and 5 % Collins. The throw was behind him and he adjusted incredibly well and did the rest with his legs. Give Collins credit for recognizing the glaring mismatch that developed between Michel (??I think that was the DB's name) and Britt, but Collins only threw two really stellar passes in that game that I saw. The first TD to Britt and the last one to him. That play down the middle of the field was a "receiver go make a play ball" and Britt did ! Brittt was the X factor today, that and the fact that our D made the Eagles settle for field goals almost every time they were in the red zone (still can't believe the brain fart play by Hope just before halftime though). That fumble recovery by Verner and the subsequent holding call on Philly's D when we were in 3rd and long were the major differences in the game.

    Like I said, we never win these games, not in this manner, never... But somehow we did today and it was awesome.

    Still, would rather have Vince in there creating mismatches than Collins trying to force passes or lucking out like he did a few times today.
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  2. dbc5631

    dbc5631 Starter

    No, I'm not saying Collins is better. I want VY starting next week against SD.
  3. CheeseheadTitan

    CheeseheadTitan Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    Obie stands corrected.
  4. dbc5631

    dbc5631 Starter

    Here's what some of you guys refuse to realize.
    Everywhere you posted Collins name in the above post you can substitute it for Young and the post remains true.
  5. Titanite

    Titanite Pulling for VY...Sue me.

    Let it go, man. It wasn't funny back when the Tennessean was reporting it as fact and it's not funny now. It doesn't even make sense.

    How did he improve if he was just sitting on the sideline jamming MP3s during the games?

    This is pathetic.

    That's the correct way to spell revel. Way to go!

    Time to hit the ignore button on this one. Lost cause if there ever was one.
  6. Obie09

    Obie09 Starter

    Are you saying this because you want VY to fail against SD like you have been hinting at his history against them in recent days? So then your man Collins will get the starter job after the bye? :lol:
  7. Childress79

    Childress79 Loungefly ®

    You're not my old man Alexander. I'm probably older than you.

    What part of the 4minute Offense involves going 3 and out?:sad2:

    We got a lucky break with the subsequent turnover. The 4 minute Offense means keeping the ball for 4 minutes to run out the game.

    Of course I'm happy we won. I don't wear Fisher tinted glasses and I make no apology for it.

    We got lucky. Our record against the NFC and Andy Reid doesn't mean zip to me.

    I want to win a Superbowl. This season we have the players to do it. I'm very concerned that we don't have the Coach to make it happen.
  8. Obie09

    Obie09 Starter

    I don't know if I should make fun of you because you seem slow but fisherball to perfection means going 3 and out for -5 yards? :ha::ha::ha:

    Special teams got the ball back. Not "fisherball"
  9. SawdustMan

    SawdustMan The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed Beav Champion

    Then what's the point of mentioning VY's Pittsburgh performance followed immediately by stating that the Titans have scored 57 points in the last 7 quarters with Kerry under center?

    For the record, I'm happy with Kerry's performance. There were times I was cussing him through the TV and I desperately wanted him taken out after his third turnover. But then he started playing well and proved me wrong. I can admit that. I just hate that one of our QB's never can receive praise/criticism without it turning into a bashing of the other guy. There's really no point in even comparing the two anymore. Vince is the starter. Kerry is the backup. Vince knows it. Kerry knows it. Fisher knows it. We all know it. We should all be happy when either one of them gets us a W.
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  10. dbc5631

    dbc5631 Starter

    I was replying to the following.
    "I hope Kerry's overall play today made people understand just how much VY's game has improved, and what a weapon he is."

    Collins' last 7 quarters were equal or better than VY's games against Pitt, Denver and Jax.

    In the 7 games we've played Young has never been the leading passer. Collins has been twice and he rarely plays.

    I'm in agreement that VY is our starter I just think Collins 3TD , 270 yard, 18 pt win has ZERO to do with understanding "just how much VY's game has improved".
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