Dungy conscious of milestones at season's end

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky <p>In 2004, when the Colts finished their season in Denver in a game that didn't mean much, Tony Dungy and his staff pulled receiver Reggie Wayne early. He finished the season with 77 catches.</p> <p>The coach didn't know he cost Wayne a significant check. A couple more catches and the receiver would have hit a lucrative incentive.</p> <p>"He had an incentive and didn't say anything about it, never mentioned it, and came up one or two catches short in Denver a few years ago when we played him in the first quarter and took him out," Dungy remembered in a conversation with Indianapolis reporters Friday. "We could have thrown him two balls and he would've made more than you and I make in a year. I still feel bad about that, and that was about five years ago. I heard from someone else. He never did mention it. I went up and apologized to him later and he said, 'Don't worry about it. If it had been that big of a deal I would've told you.' But, yes, I still feel bad about that."</p> <p>Last year, the Colts wanted Wayne to lead the league in receiving yardage, and in a game that meant nothing to them, they force fed him the ball to get him there before he sat down.</p> <p>Now the Colts and Titans are both in position to rest key players or be careful with them. Sunday's result has no bearing on anything regarding the playoffs for their team.</p> <p>"It just goes with the territory," Dungy said. "I think all of our players would rather have it this way than have to fight through and win on the last play of the last game. It's one of those things you can't really help. We discuss it, we talk about it, we're aware of what guys need. Last year Reggie, it was a big thing, he wanted to lead the league in yardage, and we made sure we did that. Sometimes you can and sometimes you can't."</p> <p>One milestone that could be a factor for the Colts in this game is getting Peyton Manning to 4,000 passing yards. He needs 93 to hit that mark and become the first quarterback to hit the mark in nine different seasons.</p> <p>I expect Manning to exit the game pretty early and hand things over to Jim Sorgi, but only after he throws enough passes to get those 93 yards.</p>

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