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    They probably are related

    Lot of immigrants used to tweak their names when they entered the country hundreds of years ago.

    The scary part isnt the name tho, it's the lack of accuracy

    Those 40% days are red flags
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    Just a day ago, I saw a scout who said Lock earned a lot of money this week at Sr Bowl practices.

    Many scouts, just like employees of any other professional field, suck ass and make you wonder how they made it this far in life. Blake bedfingfield, the guy responsible for Justin Hunter, DGB, Kevin D odd, and Chance Warmack, was a former HEAD of a scouting department. Many of those guys are oblobvis boobs.

    FWIW, I saw the tape of your boy Haskins vs. Penn State, and he was possibly the worst QB that I've ever seen in my life
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