Dream Team Draft: missed pick proposals

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by citizenthom, May 12, 2011.

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  1. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    My friend said no thank you so xmarx's friend sounds like our successor.

    I think all of our options should be up for a vote, not just some of them - especially when we have more than one person expressing that they would vote for it.

    So u think we should revise the current options to include NFL rules for drafting rather than automatically penalizing teams for running out the clock.

    I think we should also vote in whether the person taking over the team should be able to make up their picks. Two people have expressed an interest in rewinding to the end of last round so teamnasty can get 2 makeup picks so they aren't too much behind the 8 ball. I think we should vote on this as well.

    Since we have not come to a resolution for these things, it doesn't make sense to keep selecting if we might go back and negate the picks in this round so teamnasty can catch up.

  2. Carpy

    Carpy Disgruntled foreign veteran

    I agree we should resolve before we move on.

    There's really 3 issues.

    1. How do we get the new guy caught up with everyone else and

    (for going forward)
    2. What happens when someone misses their 12-hour window
    3. When do they get their make-up picks.

    Personally, I'm done with voting. Just about everyone has stated their opinion in the thread, so I'm happy for the Commish to just weigh those up, make a decision on the 3 issues and we get back to drafting.
  3. citizenthom

    citizenthom Rookie

    OK, everyone has voted now except Sargo and TheSureThing. Here's my final ruling:

    -First of all, no rewind. I am not going to punish all the people who got their picks in on time--no, EARLY--every single round. And with all the really good players still on the Board, I don't think that really punishes the new GM much. In fact, he now gets to pick three guys knowing he'll have each of them, something no one else has gotten to do so far.

    -On Issue #1: I count six votes for putting a team on "pause" once they miss a pick (Carpy, EdRomeo, XP, Toronto, TBaker, and myself).

    -On Issue #2: I count six votes for making up lost picks once you show back up, whenever that may be (me, Gut, TBaker, Finnebosch, XP, and Toronto). I count Gut and Finnebosch because this is what would happen in the real draft; I just think there was some miscommunication.

    Gut, I think Issue 2 is exactly what you're wanting as far as the "real draft." If a team didn't show up on Day 2 of the draft, for instance, they would be entitled to run up to the podium at the beginning of Day 3 and make their second and third-round picks immediately, no matter who else was on the clock.

    The only difference is our vote on Issue 1. That's because instead of the ten minutes real teams have to wait, when someone misses a pick here, we're waiting half a freaking day. We've already seen what that does to tempers, tempo, consistency...it's a nightmare. There's no sense in doing it twice in a row.

    So here's how we go forward:

    -Unless another Board member PMs me first (not likely), XP's friend gets TheSureThing's team for the rest of the draft.
    -As soon as I get that PM, Team Nasty (under its new name) gets three IMMEDIATE picks, representing the missed picks from Rounds 3-5.
    -Until then, Team Nasty remains on PAUSE.
    -Any team that misses its 12-hour window from here on out will also go on PAUSE until the GM shows back up.
    -Any team that misses a pick may make it up AS SOON as s/he shows back up in the draft thread.

    Over and done. Now let's rock.
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  4. SARGO127

    SARGO127 Starter

    2 and 2 for me
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