Dre Bly?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dangermode, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    The Lions have given CB Dre Bly permission to seek a trade. He's got one year left on his contract at $4.2 Million. Think the Titans should consider a move? Two time Pro bowler.
  2. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Why not?

    He is a little older than i would like, he will be 30 in may. $4.2M is quite a lot to pay for a nickel back since finnigan will win that CB spot!:))
  3. TorontoTitanFan

    TorontoTitanFan Pro Bowler

    I think the free agent CBs are more attractive. I don't know what the Titans would have to give up for Bly, but I would hate to see any important pieces of the puzzle (either now or in the future) leave, especially since we have the cap space to get a great CB without losing any personnel.
  4. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    5th rounder?
  5. oochymp

    oochymp Camp Fodder

    If we do trade for Dre look for him to start this year and Finnegan to move into the spot next year. I think if we trade for him it'll just mean that the coaches think Finnegan is one year away from being a quality starter at CB, if that's the case that would be a great move IMO
  6. Xplayer52

    Xplayer52 Guest

    I think Dre would be a good fit, Pacman one side and Dre on the other side!
  7. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    30 yrs old is't so much of an issue considering his 46 tackles and 3 int last season. I'm looking at this guy's stats over the last few years and I'm really impressed. Plus we're rebuilding, so his $4.2mil shouldn't really be an issue for us considering that he'll only be with us short term.
  8. Xplayer52

    Xplayer52 Guest

    I would keep him for a couple of years maybe three! We would be nice at the CB spot..
  9. cdy_hitt

    cdy_hitt Senior...

    Trade for him
  10. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    I'd prefer younger, but getting three years out of player that is your second best cb is reasonable. It's an upgrade.
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