Draft Room Drama Kept to a Minimum

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    SUMMARY: Many envision the Titans draft room as being hectic and chaotic on draft day as GM Floyd Reese and the scouting team frantically work the phone to wheel and deal while they are on the clock. Not so said Reese. "Once we're actually on the clock it gets very quiet, as a matter of fact," Reese said. "When you ask for opinions, sometimes you don't get many, but we'll have it pretty well taken care of before then. When you're picking at 30 and you go through a mock draft, that's an ordeal. When you're picking at three, the mock drafts are pretty short. You can go through a dozen mock drafts in about 30 minutes. We'll have all that taken care of before our time ever comes." Reese said since the Titans have thought out every conceivable scenario and worked through every permutation in mock drafts, his scouting staff, Coach Jeff Fisher, a coordinator or assistant coach and the team's medical people generally don't talk unless the GM asks them a question.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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