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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans256, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Titans256

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    What would you say are our biggest needs going into draft?

    I think we just might try & pick a receiver this year. When Paul Williams is lining up in the 4th quarter of a playoff game, it's not a good sign for the receiving corps.

    I also wouldn't be surprised if we picked some defense. Harper is getting old. Bulluck is getting old. We'll probably pick some D-line. Kearse is getting up there in age also. Haynesworth will probably test the market and run to the money because he stays hurt.
  2. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    It all stats with AH at DT and who is our QB entering camp next year (re-sign Collins or VY is our guy).

    Those two situations followed by who we keep in free agency can have a big impact on the draft.

    Assuming we keep AH and let KC walk...I'd say...

    WR/playmaker - in a conservative offense playing against great defenses in the playoffs, you need a difference maker. CJ has been one but when he was out the second half, it really showed. Having a playmaker for the recievers would really cause problems for defenses. For depth purposes and because of the draft's depth, I could see us taking 2 WR's.

    OC/OG - For a team predicated on running the ball, building a dominant OL is a good idea. I thought Mawae had a worse year this year despite going to the Pro Bowl. He's got one year left so we need someone to grow into the role or an upgrade for next year. Amano was solid though unspectacular and could be upgraded.

    DE - I felt one thing missing from our D was a better pass rush from the front 4. KVB was hurt a lot of the season and Kearse only mustered 3.5 sacks. We have some young pass rushers behind them with potential, but we don't have any blue chippers ready to step up. This might be the time to find our next Kearse to see if the D can get better, and not just try and stay as good.

    CB - With Fuller, Carr and King all potential free agents and with Harper starting to slow down, there could be a strong need for an early pick at CB. He could play the nickel and grow into a starting role. 2 picks on CB wouldn't surprise me either depending on if they re-sign any of the aforementioned players.

    MLB - Tulloch is a solid player as is Fowler behind him, but there are some real nasty MLB's in this draft. The Titans could look to upgrade here but I don't think they will. The consider MLB and Nickel as equal positions. Still, it wouldn't shock me if BPA was a nasty MLB and we took him.

    OLB - There are some excellent OLB's in this draft. Bulluck had one of his best seasons' but he's getting expensive and on the old side. I could see us getting his heir if the right guy were available and the BPA.

    S - While Hope is scheduled to be here for a while, he's coming off a bad playoff game and he's expensive. With a deep draft pool at S and some unique players like Mays, the Titans could take one early or elsewhere.

    OL depth. If the long term plan is Harris moving to center, we have no real backup on the interior and Loper is a free agent and our primary backup at both OT spots. If Loper is signed, I expect the Titans to either draft a starter or backup for the interior OL. If Loper is let go, we could grab as many as 2 OL.

    Another thing to consider is the Titans could look to trade a draft pick(s) for a player they covet. Anquan Boldin reportedly wants out of Arizona and could be the kind of player the Titans want. The Titans should resist the urge to sign vets to expensive contracts. While Gage had a decent season, I think he's over paid at $3mil cap hit.

  3. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    Gut, I like your posts and the above, but you just about listed every position!

    I'm against drafting a QB this season. It will either be KFC or VY going into next year. I'm anti-Simms but think he will be the backup, or maybe another released cheap vet. Either way, I think we can wait one more year before using a first rounder on a QB.

    Like you said, DT position depends on re-signing AH.

    And are you not sold on Leroy Harris taking over for Mawae? A friend of mine's opinion is that we missed Mawae a lot in the playoff game for his in-game communication.

    For early rounds (1-2), I say best player available between WR, CB, or DT if Albert signs elsewhere.
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