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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by J Falk, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Carp

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    He's using first-pick.com from what I can tell. It's pretty fun in that you can trade up or trade back, but their player rankings are pretty bad. Up until the last week or so they've had players listed that didn't even declare for the draft (like Aubrey Solomon from Tennessee).
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  2. Tricky

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    That also probably make acquiring future year picks pretty appealing to GMs
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  3. Tricky

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    Turron just posted these 3 he did on twitter. Vaughn in the 5th would be great.
    Screenshot_20200403-083220_Bleacher Report.jpg Screenshot_20200403-083240_Bleacher Report.jpg
  4. steverife

    steverife Pro Bowler

    Hamler is special witb the ball, but can't stay healthy. And drops a few.

    I bet some of these Vandy dudes will be good. They'll all had a disappointing season and dropped, which suggests it isn't all them.
  5. Carp

    Carp Starter

    Yeah I commented on those. I didn't like any of them except the one with Marlon Davidson in the 1st. Even then, I think that's a bit of a reach, as most draft rankings I've seen have him in the 35-45 range but he does fill a need and the rest of that draft is pretty decent value.
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  6. TitanWally

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    What pick in the 2nd round were they coming from tho?

    What we get for the 29 is hugely dependent on where the team in the 2nd round is coming from...
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  7. Young54

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    Also, teams are willing to give up capital when going after a QB.
  8. steverife

    steverife Pro Bowler

    Yeah, to get a pull, we might need Love to drop, since he seems to be the high ceiling guy.
  9. Titans2004

    Titans2004 Pro Bowler

    Been running a bunch of simulations on different sites....

    Last one I did had Diggs in the 1st, Davidson in the 2nd, Greenard in the 3rd and A.J. Dillon in the 5th

    Would love for us to trade down and get a 4th rnd....just so many picks between our 3rd and 5th given all the comp picks.
  10. J Falk

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    Having fun on first-pick.com for old times sake.
    Let me see yalls best first-pick mocks(only 1 trade allowed)

    I'm interested to see who yalls favorite Casey replacement picks are. Javon Kinlaw would be a dream. AJ Epenesa is my favorite pick at the moment, but if we trade back or go corner in the 1st, we will probably have to target someone else in the 2nd.

    My top 3 after Epenesa are Texas A&M's Justin Madubuike, Missouri's Jordan Elliot and TCUs Ross Blacklock with Marlon Davidson 4th.

    Justin Madubuike seems to have a pretty high floor. He's consistently projected as a 1-2 rd pick from a wide range of sources(pff, walter, espn, etc) . Great combine numbers, good tape/production. My only question regarding him...Is he the disruptor this defense needs? I still like Epenesa alot more for us, but Madubuike wouldnt be a bad plan b.

    As for Jordan Elliot, he's flying under the radar in most mocks because his production was meh and his combine performance didn't stand out. HOWEVER, PFF has him graded higher than any other dlineman this year including Kinlaw and Derrick Brown(and PFF is known as a pretty reliable source). This caught my eye so I watched some of his tape. They weren't wrong, he is a disruptive player with good size, athleticism and motor. When you watch him, it seems like the offense probably game planned for him...alot. He got alot of double teams because he played alot of 1 tech, and he still managed to be disruptive because of his size and athleticism at that size. I think he could fit much better as a 3 tech in a 34 opposed to a 43 DT like he played at mizzou. Elliot might not be as safe a pick as a guy like madubuike, but i believe he has a much higher ceiling potentially.

    Ross Blacklock is going to he a good player in the NFL. His instincts and ability to get off blocks is special. He's good against the run and offers a wide arrange of pass rush moves. I honestly hadnt watched him at all before i wrote any of this, but now he may be higher on my board than Elliot and Madubuike. Only issue for me is, does he fit the 3tech or is he better fit on the inside of a 43. After watching him i think he might be able to do both.

    I wasn't impressed with Marlon Davidson honestly...he just doesn't stand out to me. I think you can make a strong argument that D Brown and that auburn d made him look alot better than he was. He played the edge at auburn which wouldn't work at all for him in the nfl. Again, we need a disruptor, and i don't think he's it.

    Honorable Mention:

    Neville Gallimore is extremely underwhelming to be projected in the 1st. Rated much lower from NFL.com and pff compared to the aforementioned prospects. It's easy to look good when the only teams you play all season are terrible. That and the fact that he's a one trick pony are why he's not in my top 6. His finesse moves are nice but he gives up too much in the run game. While guys like blacklock can finesse the oline while also getting leverage in the run game with powerful hands.

    My rankings(after writing the article):

    1) Javon Kinlaw
    2) Derrick Brown
    3) AJ Epenesa
    4) Ross Blacklock
    5) Jordan Elliot
    6) Justin Madubuike

    If we don't get one of these guys(or clowney) our defense is going to feel it....

    Please let me know how you would rank your favorite Casey replacements! Always interested to hear your guys' takes.
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